We are excited to announce the very first VRGear podcast! Tomorrow, December 5th, we will be streaming our first podcast ever. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while now, and there is not a better time to get it up and running. With that being said, we are sure to hit some road bumps along the way. 

The first podcast will be tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. We will be streaming the podcast with video onto YouTube. We will leave a link to our YouTube channel below.


From there, you can wait for us to go live or visit the page when we are already live. As for the topics being discussed in this first VRGear podcast, the outline and topics of discussion will be located below. 

As you can read from the podcast outline, we will be touching on the lighter subjects first, and then we will be jumping to the topics that will be getting more attention. There is a lot to talk about with the last few subjects, so we will try to not ramble on too long. 

We are excited to interact with our audience this way. If there are any subjects you want covered in the first podcast, let us know in the comments below! If you have questions during the podcast, let us know in the YouTube comments, as we will be checking those throughout the show. 


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