1/16 Update

The Oculus Quest shortage continues as the delivery date for headsets purchased today will be pushed to mid February of 2020. If you think VR is dying, the numbers certainly disagree. The Quest isn’t the only sold out headset though, as the Valve Index is sold out until the middle of May.

The best place to buy the Oculus Quest right now is the Amazon Store. The prices will be higher than retail, but you will get a brand new system in a matter of days.

The Oculus Link is sold out until the middle of February. Oculus is working hard to meet the demand of their hardware, but the consumers show no signs of stopping. Each and every month, the VR community is welcoming millions of new enthusiasts to the circle. Make sure to check back to this article for the updated status of the Oculus Quest.

Orignal Article

The Oculus Quest is the hottest virtual reality headset on the market today, and for a good reason. Facebook and Oculus took everything people have been dreaming about for VR, and made it a reality. The Quest is not only the top-selling headset on the market but it is the best standalone headset the community has ever seen. 

Now that Cyber Monday and Black Friday have passed by, the Oculus Quest headset is sold out across some of the biggest retailer stores in the world. It is important to note that this was done without any discounts to headsets across the market. As of today Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon currently don’t have the Oculus Quest 64GB in stock. So where can you buy this headset for yourself or a loved one? We have the answers. 

Oculus Website

If you visit the Oculus website, you will find the Oculus Quest for sale with both memory options. The only problem? Your Quest is not going to ship at least until the 20th of February, missing the expected delivery time by a long shot. If you are okay with waiting a few months to get your Quest, you will have no problem buying from Oculus directly.

The Quest is going to take some time to ship, but don’t be surprised if you get your Quest before the time you were expecting. Both Oculus and Facebook have been courteous enough to not make any promises they can’t keep. They are only promising the shipping by that date because that is when they can guarantee it. Again, it is likely to be shipping before the 20th of February.

Resale Market

One of the first places people will look if they can’t find a product they’re searching for through their referred retailer is a local resale website. There are hundreds out there, but that is no the best route to go right now. We have seen the resale price of the 64GB option go upwards of 150% of its original sales price. If you aren’t looking to break the bank for a headset that is standalone, you will need to find an option that isn’t buying from a third-party. There are plenty of other options. Unless you have exhausted all other ideas, this isn’t the best route to take to your virtual home. 

Other Retailers

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other options to buy the Oculus Quest right now, regardless of what the resale market is saying. If you are on the search for either headset, the 64GB or the 128GB, there were still options out there where you can buy it for the original MSRP, which isn’t above $600. 

Some of these options are being sold out, but because these retailers are a bit smaller than the large retailers, you can expect them to restock the quickest as well.

Shipping status and availability of 64GB Oculus Quest and 128GB Oculus Quest listed below:

Online Retailer64GB Oculus Quest128GB Oculus Quest
GamestopBack in stock: 01/31/2020Back in stock: 01/31/2020
B&H PhotoNotify When AvailableNotify When Available
Micro CenterIn-Store Pickup OnlyIn-Store Pickup Only
Shop X7Listing removedListing removed
Glossier56Shopping cart downno listing
NeweggShips in 1-2 weeksOut of Stock
Best BuySold OutSold Out
WalmartOut of stockOut of stock
BurazaShopping cart downShopping cart down
GragradealShopping cart downShopping cart down

Just like any other retail stores, the stores above will be restocked with the Quest faster than they are leading on. They don’t want to be dealing with angry customers that felt like they were lied to, so they are going to put a further than realistic date. No matter where you order from, you can expect to get your Quest from Oculus before the end of January.

These are the places you can purchase the headset online without having to wait for them to be back in stock or wait for them to be shipped until after the holiday seasons. It is also important to check online and call into your local retailers, as availability varies from location to location.

Quest Accessories

If you already have your Quest but you are looking to shop for some accessories to go along with your newest virtual hardware, we have you covered. The best place to buy Quest accessories is the Oculus website, but there is a plethora of third-party accessories that are going to make your real and virtual life much easier. Below, we will include our favorite Quest accessories and the link to buy them. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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