Last week, TurboSquid increased StemCell’s abilities by four, adding the support for Arnold and USDZ to the 3D converter. Through StemCell, 3D models are automatically converted into multiple design formats. This makes designing more accessible for all people trying to access the models. With this update, StemCell-compatible assets can immediately be ready for Pixar and Apple to use with their entire line of Arnold rendering integrations. This is the 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D design software. 

StemCell is designed to standardize TurboSquid assets, making them more buyable from one single design. Unlike the common photo, 3D models are usually limited to application or rendering engine they were designed with. StemCell is designed to let more buyers purchase a 3D model regardless of the application or 3D rendering engine it was made with. This makes both the buyers and selling more incentivized to make and buy more models. 

“StemCell removes one of the biggest issues artists face around 3D stock, so assets feel native, regardless of application,” said Matt Wisdom, CEO at TurboSquid. “With VFX and AR projects on the rise, support for Arnold and USDZ will help even more artists achieve their goals.”

It doesn’t stop there though, as StemCell has prepped for ARKit. TurboSquid used Apple’s USDZ scripts to ensure the entire process could run entirely on and in a Linux environment. Autodesk also provided access to Arnold’s network capabilities, making TurboSquid build and test conversion recipes much faster and more efficient. 

“Without a standard to rally around, asset sharing has always been a challenge for 3D artists,” said Chris Vienneau, Senior Director, Entertainment Creation at Autodesk. “We love what TurboSquid is doing for 3D stock, as it helps Autodesk users share their designs more freely. With support for production staples like 3ds Max and Maya, and now Arnold, we’re thrilled to lend a hand to their ongoing efforts.”

About StemCell

StemCell is an automatic 3D converter that is aiming to make buying 3D models as easy as buying or getting stock photos. As of now, StemCell is able to let artists upload their models and convert them to 12 different major formats. The 70,000 artists of this community can now make more money off of one single model, and the buyers can take advantage of the largest 3D model marketplace in the entire world. 

About TurboSquid

TurboSquid is the leader of 3D models since 2000, boasting models from over four million different artists and consumers. They have models and renders from all communities, such as film, television,  gaming, news media, advertising, architecture, engineering, simulation, and general defense. Since the release of StemCell and the emergence of the software, TurboSquid has been taken to new heights. This is only going to add to the empire of what TurboSquid is, and what it does for the 3D artist community. 


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