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VRGear is the #1 place for all things VR! Our team of Experts and VR Enthusiasts are anxious to share the latest VR technology news and development with our visitors. We have a diverse collection of skills ranging from journalism and video production to intellectual property law and coaching high school basketball.

Our Mission

VRGear is located at heart of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Our missions is to help connect consumers with the most relevant and useful information on the VR industry. We also feel strongly that media coverage of new technology and the companies that are developing it can help steer the industry in the right direction. VRGear is dedicated to bringing the best content and technology incites on Virtual Reality, most exciting new technology category in the world.

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The VRGear team is growing and is constantly looking for partners to collaborate with on our next project. If you would like to work with VRGear please reach out through our contact page.