Meet our staff of talented writers and content producers!

Mark: Chief Editor

Mark has a background in journalism, video production, software development, and Law. He has a BS in Communications and a JD, MBA in Intellectual Property Law and Technology Supply Chain.

Mark can be reached at his email: [email protected]

Paul: Staff Writer

Paul has a passion for digital media and virtual reality. Paul has logged more hours in VR than our entire staff combined. His knowledge of the industry and attention to detail are unrivaled. In his spare time (and early mornings), Paul can be found doing sports training and coaching high school basketball.

Paul and our staff writers can be reached at the team email: [email protected]

Stacey: Video & Media Production

Stacey is a designer – creating visuals that tell a story is her passion! From interior design to video production, Stacey loves making things look good! She also consults on our internal VR user experience design efforts.

Stacey and our video production team can be reached at the team email: [email protected]

Dave: Technical Product Development

Dave has extensive experience in software development. His most recent focus is on VR Game Development and storytelling in VR. Leveraging the Unity and Unreal game engines, Dave and his team are developing several indie VR titles that are about to make their debut.

Dave and the technical product development team can be reach at the team email: [email protected]