The Oculus Touch Controllers were designed but Oculus and Facebook to be everything you would need in your hands in virtual reality. The Oculus Touch full experience is something magical. These controllers were made from the ground up with virtual reality in mind, as that is the only way to use the Touch controllers. The Touch includes a pair of controllers, one for each hand, that work like a regular gaming pad that is split down the middle. 

How does the Oculus Touch work?

The controller has half halos on the backside that are responsible for the tracking of the controllers. The movement inside the game form either joystick on the controllers. There is a trigger placed comfortably for each index finger, and the next trigger is activated by squeezing the rest of your hand on the controller. 

Along with these controllers, there is a much weeping sensing ability inside of these controllers that take them to the next level. The capacitive sensors track where your fingers are located on the controller. This makes balling up your fist, pointing, and much more realistic inside of the virtual worlds. The aforementioned halo trackers release infrared lights into the surrounding sensors, which helps them be located and tracked properly. This is imperative for complex and basic movements inside of games. 

Here are a few features for the Touch Controllers 

  •  Intuitive VR controls: Point your finger while holding the controller, and watch your virtual finger do the same thing. Allows you to point, grab, pick up, and interact with virtual worlds in an intuitive fashion.
  •  Twin stick controls: Features a twin analog stick control scheme that will be familiar to console gamers.
  •  Comfortable and lightweight: The familiar handle-and-trigger design fits well in the hand, and the weight is light enough for long gaming sessions.
  •  Haptic feedback: Increased sense of immersion when touching and interacting with a virtual world.

The Oculus Touch controllers are included with any new Oculus Headset, other than the Oculus Go. The new headsets from Oculus, the Quest and Rift S, will feature these controllers. 


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