The Oculus Quest is set to release any month now, and it has been anticipated that it will have 64GB of storage for $399. Now, Facebook has confirmed that it will include a more expensive 128GB option for storage space. 

The Oculus Go features the selling of storage tiers, as the Go is sold in two different models. The 32GB version is sold for $199, and the 64GB model is sold for $249. Because both of these headsets are completely standalone and free of any computer, the storage needs a solid option. 

Neither the Go or the Quest feature an SD card slot, so whatever storage you buy, is what you will be limited to for games and apps inside of virtual reality. There have been rumors of Facebook looking to add a USB port for storage purposes but there has been no confirmation or release date for that feature. 


There have been no gigabytes released with he games that we know of, but we expect them to range from a few gigabytes, all the way up to 10. Look for popular games to be slimmed down a small amount to fit the limitations that the Quest possesses. 

When evaluating which headset will best fit your needs, you need to look a the way you take in media. If you’re streaming and playing a few games, the 64GB will be the best option. Now if you are one to download shows and keep excessive games that are out of your rotation, you will need to opt for the more expensive 128GB version. This will give you the freedom to take your media in as you please. 

There is no price set for the 128GB model yet, but assuming the pricing follows the same model as the Go, it will most likely be in the range between $449 and $499. Anything more or less than those two numbers would simply be unreasonable for the gigabyte increase. 


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