The original Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released all the way back in January of 2017. This game was released on the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and it still maintains its compatibility for the famous PlayStation Virtual reality. This game was a hit from the moment it released. The evil that was felt in this game was real, and the story constantly took turns when you thought it would continue straight. The main focus of this game is not an action like many think. This is a story-driven horror franchise, and it continues that trend in Resident Evil 7

It became an internet sensation almost 3 years ago to put the PSVR headset on and try to get through a house without wetting yourself. It often ended with a casual bystander getting hit while the headset wearer was scared out of their wits. For casual gamers, the virtual reality compatibility was simply a terrifying joke. For VR enthusiasts and Resident Evil fans, this was a chance for you to get closer to being the leading role in the game and solve the haunted puzzles in the mansion you often found yourself in. 

This was a welcoming surprise for virtual reality fans, but only a small portion of them. Virtual reality was first popular on the PC, so only a small percentage of users were experiencing this evil fun upon release. Although there was never a hint from the developers, Capcom, that this game would be making its way to PC VR headsets, there was a well-placed amount of optimism going through the community. This game made its way to the PC very quickly, so where was the virtual compatibly?

Steam had this game since the release date, and usually, VR support only takes a couple of months at most for games this big. It was interesting to see this game not get any PC VR love, but it was more interesting to see the developers stay mute on it for so long. It was a tense few months as PC VR gamers that were a part of the gamer network wanted a shot to play this great evil series and kill zombies, and most weren’t looking to go out and buy another VR headset. 

If you hadn’t played this game by 2018 and you were looking to wait until it was supported for VR, you received some bad news. Resident Evil was releasing their DLC content pack “RE7 Not A Hero.” It may not seem lethal to PC hopes, but it was. Most, if not all, developers will wait until their game is on all platforms they want before they start producing, developing, and foaling add-ons and packs to the main game. 

You could get this evil pack as a part of the video game bundle or you could become a season pass holder. This would subscribe you to all future DLC content as well. The one thing the developers never touched on when they talked about the new packs of DLC? The compatibly of this game on the PC for the headsets that were waiting for Resident Evil and the RE7 Not A Hero DLC pack. 

Although it is unlikely that we ever see this game on the PC VR headsets like we were all hoping for, there is still some good news. Skyrim is still on PC VR and is going to maintain the compatibly as long as the game is being taken care of. 

RE7 Not A Hero

**spoilers ahead**

Resident Evil 7 waited a full year to release some DLC that worth playing, but it was well worth the wait. The pack is free to anyone that owns the game, something that is rarely seen as of late. This extra game content will give you an extra ~2 hours~ of gameplay, and it is going to shore up a lot of loose ends that you experienced in the entire series up until now. The main game without DLC is upwards of 7 hours, so if you are extra slow-playing the entire game, you could possibly be logging 10+ hours in this game simply trying to finish the campaign mode. 

At the end of the extra gameplay you are going to be getting, you will have the boss fight of the century. To unlock all of the doors to get there though, you will have some serious defeats to handouts. This isn’t like any modern warfare game though. You won’t be fighting off swarms of futuristic bots. instead, you will be fighting the zombies with a shotgun that feels like it might be a little underpowered. This experience is not going to short you in any way, and you will feel like you got more than your moneys worth with this extra game content. 

All players of this game are going to appreciate what this extra pack does to the game. Not only does it give the game more depth and fidelity to the story, it gives the game they purchased more value and replayability. Many people likely redid the entire campaign mode in preparation of the big fight. They likely had to relearn some older weapons, watch some aging footage, and much more. The best part of all of that? They likely enjoyed their time replaying the bulk of the game. 

Resident Evil 8?

Resident Evil has been on the market for almost 3 years now, and we are just getting word about this game bing in production. Just last month, we finally got our first look at the trailer that they provided us. The game is clearly in production, and the devs over at Capcom are (hopefully) working day and night to get this into our hands. The best shot we have at any concrete information through is the quote we got from Resident Evil 7 Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi.

“We want [Resident Evil 7] to be the start of a new kind of survival horror and of a new series,” says Takeuchi, “We’re already thinking of various plans for the next game, but we also want to see how we can continue to evolve survival-horror itself. In the next few years, technology will continue to advance and what players want may also change but we will always want to create horror experiences where the characters overcome a difficult situation.”

Does this mean that as technology progresses that the game will continue to support PS VR? Or even finally jump the small pond into the PC VR realm and give the players what they have been asking for? All of this is uncertain, but we are sure of the fact that when Resident Evil 8 finally does come out, it will be one of the best games up to date. 


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