The PlayStation Virtual Reality headset is one of the hottest on the virtual market, even with the biggest VR companies releasing new hardware. The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift were released around the same time as the PlayStation VR headset, but they recently had their successors hit the market. The Valve Index is taking over the PC world, and they aren’t seeing resistance. 

When it comes to immersive VR gaming on the console, there is only one option. The PlayStation virtual reality headset. Xbox has stated multiple times that a VR headset isn’t where their focus is, and PlayStation has stated multiple times that it is important. 

The PS5 is going to be compatible with the current virtual reality headset, so stocking up on games, an experience, and a new immersive experience is important. The PlayStation store can be a tricky place, so we have compiled a list of our 20 best PS4 VR games and any experience to play on the PlayStation headset. Whether it be Tetris or a puzzle game with a mouse, we will have you covered on what to expect. 

Best PS4 VR Games 

Beat Saber – $29.99

Beat Saber is the best virtual reality app, game, experience, and show inside of virtual reality. You can play this game on every platform available. Sony got the rights to this game shortly after Oculus, so there has been no problem for VR lovers to experience this game. The rhythm and arm-swinging never gets old, and the buyable music packs seem to be coming as fast as we can be mastering. If you only have the budget for one VR game right now, Beat Saber needs to be your first purchase. 

Moss – $29.99

In the game Moss, you are in the VR worlds while you control a mouse named Quill. This little guy is controlled by your VR controller, and can also be controlled by your Dualshock Wireless Controller. This is one of the best virtual reality games on the market, regardless of the platform you find yourself playing on. One added bonus for PSVR lovers is the Dualshock controller compatibility. It adds a layer to this game that hasn’t been realized by plenty of developers on this platform. Because you control Quill in the third person, it makes for a much easier experience with a controller. 

Borderlands 2 VR – $49.99

Borderlands 2 VR might be on the experience side of VR games, but when you play, you understand why the price is what it is. This title has a little bit of horror, a lot of blood, and a fun multiplayer part of the worlds. The PSVR motion controllers are perfect for this game, as it game to the PlayStation VR headset before any other platform. This is a first-person shooter that is going to keep you intrigued and ready for battle at all times. There are a ‘bazillion’ gun options in this game too, so you’ll never really get bored. 

SUPERHOT VR – $24.99

SUPERHOT has been all over the gaming world for nearly 4 years now, but it wasn’t always inside of VR. In fact, it wasn’t always on the PSVR. Now that PSVR users can have this game, it is finally the time to stop time. Once you jump into SUPERHOT VR, you’ll realize how good this game is. you’ll feel like a mix between John Wick, Dr. Strange, and Captain America. Do you know what those three people have in common? The ability to never die… at the same time. This game is fun and you won’t regret any dollar spent on it. This is gamers heaven, as it is a puzzle with you brain and body. 

Creed: Rise to Glory – $29.99

Creed is an official licensed boxing game from the movie studio. Sony PlayStation weren’t the only ones to get the license to host this game though, so they are competing with Oculus users for this purchase. This is a high-end boxing game with a fun multiplayer game mode that allows you to fight some of your best virtual friends. There is a boxing simulator as well, making it easy to practice and hone your arm-swinging skills. If you are hungry for a good VR workout, this game will also fit the bill. This is a perfect solution for many of your VR needs and wants. 

Firewall Zero Hour – $19.99

This is a shooter game that was built from the ground up for this altered reality. If that doesn’t prove to you that it’ll be great, then check out some gameplay. You can play this game with both the motion controllers and the Dualshock controller. You can be 12 different contractors in this game to kill with. The PS Aim controller also helps in this game, and it is preferred by the millions of players. It adds to the immersion, and fun, and the intensity of being a professional killer. Multiplayer servers are incredibly consistent as well. This is a fantastic game for any shooter looking to get into VR. 

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission – $19.99

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a VR game that is exclusive for this platform and exclusive for gamers with the VR headset. You are tasked with going all around the outer realms of the galaxy to find bots just like you that you can help rescue. This may seem like a simple game, but the more you play, the more you will realize that there are layers to this mission. It is a reasonable price for a game that is anything but regular. It does go on sale often though, so keep an eye out for that. 

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – $19.99

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a game that is also exclusive to PlayStation virtual reality headsets. Many aren’t sure if this game is coming to PC or not, and it doesn’t look like it is. With that being said, you won’t find the developers talking about it much. This is a horror game that appeals to many. If you are looking for a VR game that is going to give you the chills for a Friday night activity, look no further. This interactive game has everything you are looking for. 

DOOM VFR – $29.99

Doom Virtual ‘effing Reality is a game that may have been ahead of its time. The locomotion in this game is second to none. You never are able to turn your virtual self left or right, as that is exclusively mapped to your real movement. If you are looking for a fun first-person shooter that is going to give you hours of motion sickness, look no further DOOM VFR is a fun game that is worth every penny you’re going to pay for it. You can play with your choice of controller too, which is something people love to see and use. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR – $59.99

This was one of the first full VR games we saw on any platform. This game is still a benchmark for games that want to charge this price. Is it more expansive, interactive, and fun as Skyrim? If the answer is no, there’s not need to pay that price. If you are wanting an experience that is going to make you fall in love with virtual reality once more, or even for the first time, The Elder Scrolls VR game is the place to be. This is only a 1 player experience, but thats all you need to explore this expansive world. 

Space Junkies – $19.99

Space Junkies is the first game on this list that truly takes advantage of the platform it is on. Flying through space with a gun and shooting enemies is fun on the flatscreen, but it is much better when you are inside of the game. Although it might cause some motion sickness early on in your gameplay experience, that is expected. If you are doing this same thing in real life, you’d get motion sick too. If you are wanting a game that truly alters your reality and changes the laws gravity you are forced to abide by, get this game ASAP. 

No Mans Sky VR – $49.99

This is a game that wasn’t originally made for VR, but the way it plays certainly feels that way. This game has a server that is never ending. The devs are constantly adding to this game, making it truly never-ending. If you are looking for a game that lets you explore inside of VR and colonize worlds without having to be with a partner, buy this game today. It feels like each object in this game is something you can interact with, adding to the immersion that you are going to feel. Flying is easier now too, making it so you don’t have to experience the silly motion sickness that riddles most VR games to this date. 

Battlewake – $29.99

Battlewake in theory doesn’t sound like a great virtual reality game. You are on the water battling other ships with magic special powers? It doesn’t sound like a title that would thrive if it were exclusively made for VR. It has survived though, and it actually has been thriving in recent months. This game has gotten lots of love from Oculus and PSVR users. There have been updates that are keeping this game relevant. You aren’t going to get too motion sick either, as the devs do a fantastic job of ensuring your lunch doesn’t make a second appearance. 

Everybody’s Golf – $19.99

Although this game would’ve been lots more fun and immersive if you could play online, that isn’t the case here. You are able to play with the classic PS4 controller, so you don’t need to be swinging your arms for all 18 holes as if you were playing on the classic Wii. There are countless courses to be played and countless tips from your fun caddie. This game is going to immerse you in the world of golf like never before. This is a top title on this platform for a reason. 

Bonfire – $4.99

Bonfire isn’t your classic v r game with killing and exploring. Instead, you’ll be living out a narrative that seems predetermined. You and Debbie, your Robo sidekick are the only people alive that you know of on a planet that is 3 lightyears away from earth. This game will put multiple scenarios in front of you that will help you determine what you want your final course of action to be. If you are looking for an interactive experience, forgo your next coffee and buy this game instead.

L.A. Noire – $39.99

LA Noire is a mystery game that requires you to step into the shoes of a virtual detective. In this Golden Age time, Los Angeles is riddles with unrighteous success. In this game, you’ll be introduced to relatively new technology that will help you crack a few cases. You can play this game with the Dualshock controller, or with two different PlayStation Move controllers. This mystery only gets better in VR, and the story is much different than the regular PS4 game. If you have the original game, playing them side by side is going to be a true treat. 

Iron Man VR – Preorder 

This game is not available until the 15th of May, but many are regarding this game as one of the biggest releases of the year. It is going to be a PSVR exclusive, meaning that you need to own a PlayStation to have access to the game. Suit up as the most powerful Avenger (still up for debate) and fly throughout the long and expansive story. This is going to be a stepping stone for virtual reality, as there is not a lot of games that tie into todays pop culture. 

Job Simulator – $19.99

Job Simulator is not only a perfect introduction to virtual reality for people learning the capabilities of the platform, but it is a fun game to play when you are tired of the expansive and draining games that take hours to accomplish anything. If you are going to have a spare 10 minutes and want to hop into virtual reality, this game is the title you want to play. You will be presented with multiple jobs to complete as if you have never left your house before. Jump into this game and see what all of the hype is about. 

Evasion – $19.99

This is a first-person shooter than is going to have you addicted to the smooth gameplay. You need to pay for online gaming to play this game, but it is well worth the subscription fee. You can play with the VR controllers or with the Dualshock controller. The aim controller is something you don’t want to play without once you experience it. There isn’t a campaign mode, but the online action is all you need. The best, and only game mode comes with 2 on 2 in many different battle grounds. 

Vacation Simulator – $29.99

Vacation Simulator is very similar to Job Simulator, but instead of being in the workforce, you are a part of the vacationing force and your task is to have as much fun as possible. Obviously this is a game, but you are going to find yourself in a lot of fun scenarios. From winter to summer, there is a never-ending ability to have fun in this game. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself being stressed with your task of having fun though. This is a game that is designed to overload your senses. 


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