Virtual reality is a platform that is growing as fast as any gaming platform. The technology is moving along much faster than the competing gaming platforms. The more people learn about VR, the more games, developers, and companies seem to be confident in the future. Although the world of VR may be filled with workers right now, there is still plenty of room for gaming. 

It feels like a new game is released every week, and they all seem to be VR exclusive. Because they are exclusive to this platform, they aren’t bringing new fans to the platform They are simply gaining support from VR enthusiasts. If virtual reality gaming wants to make a serious impact in the gaming world, virtual reality needs to be more games brought to the platform that have an established following. 

We have compiled 5 games we think virtual reality needs to get. Whether it be a third-party team porting the game over, or the original development team bring the game to VR, it needs to happen. If you think of a game that should be recognized or brought to VR, let us know in the comments below!

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario has been around for decades. This series of games is highly regarded as one of the best ever, and the latest hit, Odyssey, is getting even more respect around the globe. Nintendo has been hesitant to jump fully into virtual reality, but this is a game would be hard not to love inside of virtual reality. It originally came to the Nintendo Switch in 2017 in 3D, so porting it wouldn’t be too hard. 

I know what you’re thinking at this point. Wouldn’t constant running and jumping in VR be a chore? Yes, yes it would. In fact, the game would be a complete bust if it were created that way. Instead, controlling Mario would need to be something like Moss. Control your character in the third person. Be able to interact with your character and your environment as you have both hands free the entire time. This would make the game much more comfortable and enjoyable for all ages.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

Star Wars already has their VR titles out on the market, and they were very well done. Vader Immortal, the Oculus exclusive series, saw great sales and great consumer action. What it lacked though was the depth and length of a full Star Wars title. The three episodes were fun, but none of them felt as satisfying as you’d expect them to. Even with the force fighting Vader, you felt a little incomplete inside. 

Fallen Order would need to be built from the ground up for VR, but it would be fantastic. When you are trekking through the worlds, you’d control your guy as the third person. When you find yourself in need of fighting, thats when you’d be in the first person once again with a lightsaber in your hand. This would make for some addicting gameplay and a fantastic way of letting the fans get both sides of controlling the main character. 

Madden NFL 

Hear me out. No one wants to get tackled in a VR headset. Whether it be in the game or real life, I’m not too sure anyone has that desire. What many sports and NFL fans do desire is the ability, or even chance, to read the field like Tom Brady. 2MD football is fun, but it isn’t the detail and gameplay we have come to expect from the world-renowned Madden series. This would be huge for VR. 

This would need to be played with a regular gaming controller, but the perspective is what we are shooting for. Sit down on the couch and toss on your VR headset while you have a closer view of the field. It would force your to look past your first read and try to figure out the defense. The game would be nearly the same, but your camera angle would need to change. This would enable the VR headset to be in full use. Cmon Madden, give the fans what they want!

Grand Theft Auto 

Its no secret that VR is used for many adult actives. It is also no secret that Grand Theft Auto has a slew of adult actives inside of the game. There are a lot of perfect fits for VR and games out there, but this might be one of the best. Again, this game would likely require the users to change between third and first person a good amount, but it would all be worth it in the end. 

Stealing cars, robbing banks, and going to strip clubs aren’t something you want your daughter to see on the big screen, so your virtual headset is the best place to live your digital life. There would be some locomotion bugs to work out in this game, but we are sure the seasoned developers could find a way for the game to be well accepted into the virtual realty communities. 


We hear you. Yes, in theory, this game would be much more immersive and fun inside of VR. Sadly the idea doesn’t translate directly too well. You may think a free-world first person shooter is perfect for VR, but they don’t have a great track record. In fact, there aren’t a lot that succeed. So for Fortnite to succeed inside of virtual reality, there needs to be some adjustments made to the gameplay. 

There is a lot epic could do to turn this into a VR title. Making fighting slow motion and turn it into a puzzle more than anything else could be a fun twist. A smaller map would be incredibly important, as no one wants to travel thousands of yards in under 15 minutes in virtual reality. Taking any idea of teleportation and throwing it out the window would also be a must. There’s a lot that could be done here, but the framework of Epic’s masterpiece is begging to be ported into a virtual reality headset. 


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