The news keeps piling on today, as Budget Cuts is the latest to ride the wave of VR popularity on the 23rd of March. We have finally received a released date for Budget Cuts on the PlayStation virtual reality headset.

Budget Cuts is coming to PSVR on May 15th.  

With so much news going on today, and so much focus on virtual reality, today was a great day to announce this. Budget Cuts 2 has been out for nearly five months now, and now the fun and interactive title’s first game is coming to the top console headset. This game is going to priced at the same $30 that you’ll find on SteamVR and will not, of course, be featuring any cross-buy functionality. 

Budget Cuts first came onto the VR scene in mid-2018. This game instantly became a classic thanks to the office setting and action-packed methods of playing. The second title of the series came out in December of this last year, and since has had even more players than ever. The development studio has been toying with the idea of a third game, although that is simply rumors for the time being. 

It is no surprise that the second title isn’t on PSVR yet. Getting the original Budget Cuts this far has been nothing short of a chore. It has been years in the making to get this approved by the Sony regulations for virtual reality console games. As of right now, Budget Cuts 2 on the top console headset seems highly unlikely. 

As for this game, we hope to see improvement from the first go-around on the PC. The first game was riddled with tech issues and interaction problems that shouldn’t have ever been in the game. Hopefully this PSVR version takes care of said issues. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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