Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is EA’s best selling game in a long time. This game puts you in the shoes of Cal Kestis as he tries to survive while being chased by the empire. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, this game gives all Star Wars fans something to love when they first jump into this game. Whether it be the smooth lightsaber fighting or the ability to use the force whenever you want, this game is giving everyone exactly what they have been asking for. The ability to be a Jedi. 

This game was released on the 15th of November for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows. This game is playable on all platforms that are popular today, except for the virtual reality headset. Many may argue that VR is yet to be mainstream, and numbers may suggest that as well. But VR is growing more rapidly than ever, and there is no way to downplay the significance of that. 

Will we see Fallen Order on VR?

Like any successful PC game, there is going to be an audience that wants the game extended to virtual reality. Although VR users only make up nearly 5% of all Steam users, that is still enough cash opportunity for some developers to turn a flatscreen PC game into a VR title. We know Respawn has a history of VR games, and they have been successful in their work as well. We don’t have a clear answer on if this game will be coming to your PC headset, but we do know a little bit about the matter. 

The Vader Immortal series is now complete. After the third episode/chapter being released last week, ILMxLAB is no longer producing Star Wars games for Oculus. All three of these titles were first released on the Oculus Quest, and later coming to the Rift platform. That means over 2% of all SteamVR users have yet to even have the chance to play a Star Wars title inside of VR. Even more people than that likely weren’t playing this game on their Rift or Rift S, as the price tag didn’t often justify the abilities and stories presented to you inside of the game. 

The Vader Immortal series was made for a standalone VR headset, and it felt that way the entire game. Although this was a “full title”, it often felt like a simple wireless experience. The newest digital Star Wars game, Fallen Order, is anything but a wireless experience. With over 40 hours of open-world gameplay, this game is going to give consumers something worth paying for. If you are wanting to play a full-length Star Wars game, this is what you need to buy. 

Why won’t we see Fallen Order on VR

As Valve has noted, making games for the flatscreen PC and making games for virtual reality are two different projects. Even making games for both the Quest and the Vive are two different projects. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was made from the ground up for digital inputs and simple movements. Virtual reality incorporates some tricky ways of moving and interacting with your virtual environment. It isn’t as simple as some people make it sound, and Respawn knows that better than anyone else. 

If Respawn did decide to turn their hit with EA to a virtual title, it would make some pretty big splashes in the entire gaming community. If they decided to bring the entire story, we are pretty sure CNN and FOX would be forced to cover the story. Joking aside, it would prove to be a lengthy project, one that hasn’t been seen yet in virtual reality. 

No Man’s Sky is a lengthy project, but you aren’t fighting monsters with lightsabers the entire time. That has proven to be something hard inside of VR, so getting Respawn and EA to do it would require a huge promise of cash, something the VR community cannot give yet. Even if all 5% of SteamVR users were to buy this game, it might not make up the money that would be poured into the project of turning Fallen Order into a VR title. There simply isn’t enough revenue to justify turning this game into a VR full title just yet. 

Let us know if you would play this game in the comments below, and what Star Wars title you hope to see in VR next! For more gaming news and VR community updates, make sure to check back at


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