For the last few months, we have seen Windows VR headsets receive massive discounts. As many thought this was simply the evolution of headsets being marked down as their technology is slowly being outdated, this has clearly been a part of something much larger than simple outdating. 

Many Windows VR headsets have now vanished from the shelves in a natter of days, and those that are left have very limited stock. Microsoft has yet to speak on this matter, but there are few signs to look at. This could be the discontinuation of many headsets, as well as some headsets saying in the limited stock range for the foreseeable future. Although there is no official word, this is exactly what it is looking like. 

There have been at six different companies that have been offering Mixed Reality headsets for sometime now. Out of the following companies – Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer – you can only find three that have headsets represented on the Microsoft Store anymore. And out of those three, only one is not represented as out of stock. 

This is what the Microsoft Store will look like if you search for virtual reality headsets. 

Even on the Samsung site itself, they have discontinued selling the original Odyssey. The only VR product they are selling now is the Odyssey+, which is very recently for sale. It is unsure what Samsung is going to do with virtual reality going into the future, but it is certain that they are going to do their best to continue the newest headset as long as they can before that too is outdated. 

As for Best Buy, the Dell VR headset is on clearance, and the Acer VR headset is already sold out. The only other headset from Best Buy is the HP Reverb which is also sold out. (The HP Reverb is expected to launch back up in July)

As for Amazon, the leading online store in the whole world, every Windows virtual reality headset is limited stock. There is no Windows headset that has been immune to this. The headsets seem to be slowly dying, as the futures of these companies in virtual reality seems to be getting darker and darker. 

This is what the Amazon store is looking like if you search for Windows Mixed Reality. 

As for Dell’s online store, if you search for Mixed Reality, you will still be greeted by a plethora of virtual headsets to choose from, but none of them are for sale that have been a part of the purge. 

We have yet to see or hear Microsoft release a statement either, and this is only adding to the speculation of what the future is going to look like inside of VR. Until then we are going to be on the cautious side of things and assume that this is all part of the companies understanding that the software and hardware was slowing being outdated. We will know more information going into the future. 


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