Leading up to the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 mission, the Smithsonian Channel has made an exclusive TV show, Moon Shot. In this audiences are taken behind the scenes of groundbreaking mission control, with rare footage, rare artifacts, and rare interviews from that mission. 

“The series reveals the stories of the men and women who made the mission possible,” said the Smithsonian in a statement. “Stunning, rarely seen footage of each mission is combined with NASA’s oral histories taken directly from the astronauts’ debriefings upon their return to the Earth.”

This has been received so well by the public that they went above and beyond with the idea. They have now created an augmented reality app that allows users to interact with the crew, be a part of major decisions, and relive the key moments that were on national television. 

“In time for fans to celebrate the historic anniversary of humanity’s first steps on the Moon, the app’s interactive features and unique and rare access to Apollo 11 artifacts from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum reveal new secrets from the mission and put users right in the action of NASA in 1969,” the Smithsonian went on to say in an official release. 

The results of this app is something I would never expect from augmented reality. Users can travel to the surface of the moon, travel into the spaceship, and even view the spaceship from the street view. You can also take a selfie inside of a genuine spacesuit, and included with that you are going to have to pilot the Lander safely onto the moon surface, something many will struggle with their first time. 

This is also a very interactive learning app. Many Americans do not understand the significance of this mission. In this app you will be able to see what the crew saw, and see what the mission control saw. This will shed some light on the importance of what we did, and the amazing feat that took place. This is one of the first mobile apps that has been dedicated to this mission alone, and it is a total smash hit. 

That app has also integrated social media platforms for you to easily share your out of earth experience with those you wish to share it with. You will be able to share with people 3-D scans of artifacts from the moon, and even have people take quizzes and test of what they know about the mission. This is all done through the social media integration of the app. 

The 50 year anniversary is on July 19th, 2019. NASA has gone to great lengths to make sure every American that would like to know, knows everything they can about the Apollo 11 mission. It was one of the greatest accomplishments to be able to persevere bad conditions, and show American grit. You can get the augmented reality app through any App Store on the supporting  mobile device.


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