One of the first VR games that I was ever introduced to was Moss. You are role-playing as a little mouse on a mission. Your name is Quill, and your journey is an adventurous one. 

The Oculus Quest has been relatively great at getting exclusive content for the customers, and the Moss game is no exception either. The headset features a DLC that is exclusive to Quest owners, but now this afternoon the DLC is coming to all other headsets that can support Moss.

The new update is called ‘Twilight Garden’ and is a pretty large and seismic update. This update will urge you to play the entire game over again, but this time with a pretty large twist. You will be coming across different portals that will be inviting you to go to the Twilight Garden. In this new realm of gameplay, you will be faced with new puzzles, challenges, and different story lines. 

Along with all of this new gameplay content, you will need to discover new armor, weapons, characters, mini-bosses, and yes, a whole entire new story. 

This has been one of the favorite titles on all VR headsets for the last few years. With the graphics looking sleek and story easy to follow along with, the game will always be top-rated. Now with this new DLC, we can expect this game to stay where it belongs. In front of everyones eyes, regardless of the headset that they are using. 

This new update to your favorite game will come at no cost. Moss is expensive as it is, but the newest version of this game will be free, no matter which headset you choose to download it on. Of course you need to have the game purchased to get the downloadable content, but we can promise you it will be worth it. 

With this update, we also received confirmation that this amazing game will be able to played on the upcoming Valve Index. This headset is expected to ship to customers on June 28th, and Moss will be amiable right out of the box for the Valve consumers. Many have been waiting for this news, as Moss has grown into a fan favorite over the last few years. 

With all of these updates and news, we would expect Polyarc games to be done for sometime, but they didn’t stop there. They announced over Twitter that they are hiring new designers, gameplay engineers, and even testing engineers to support the “Moss franchise and an unannounced project.” This comes as a surprise, considering that the game just got a massive overhaul. 

This could mean a full new game could be in the works, as well as the possibility of games branching off of Moss from Polyarc Games. Whatever they decide to do with all of this brain power, we can expect the future to be very bright for this gaming studio.  Moss has been a hit, the new, free DLC is phenomenal, and anything that branches off of Moss is destined to be great. 


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