Superhot has been one of the most impressive games inside and out of virtual reality for over three years now. This hit game from the Superhot Team is still pulling new players into virtual reality, and it often feels like the game was built exactly for that. Although this game first debuted on the console and the desktop, transitioning this game to the virtual reality headsets we all love has been seamless and an incredibly popular move. 

In our in-depth game reviews, we look to cover everything you would and should want to know before you go out and buy or try a virtual reality title. From how you can detect movement in this game to slowing time down, we hope to cover everything you are looking to know about Superhot inside of VR. The Superhot Team created a masterpiece on every platform, and we are excited to jump in this game and review for you today. 

Getting Up and Running

This is one of the most popular games inside of virtual reality. The price reflects that. Across all platforms, this game is going to cost you $24.99. it is available on the Steam Store, the Oculus Store, the PlayStation Store, and most recently, the Viveport Store. Superhot VR is also a part of the Viveport Infinity subscription, so getting into this game has never been cheaper and easier than now. 

The file size is a small 4 GB, and should be downloaded relatively quickly if you are connected to quicker internet speeds. If your internet seems as fast as a snail, this game could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to completely download and install. Preparing for this game is slightly different than any other VR game, as you are going to be moving a lot, and possibly be sweating a lot. Get your best stretchy pants on and prepare yourself for a game that is sure to get your legs almost as quickly as Pistol Whip. 

Type of Game

This is a first-person shooter type of game, but if you have never played Superhot before, you are going to be tossed in a completely new world. This game only moves when you do. You control time. If you start moving your body quickly, everything around you will start to move quickly. If you hold completely still, the game will not progress at all. This gives you the ability to move time with any body part, and also the ability to analyze your entire situation before you jump into action. 

This is not your typical virtual reality game, or any game in general. This game is not going to throw you in any different game modes, but it won’t be leaving you bored at any time as well. The contestant progression of levels is going to keep you satisfied and happy to play at all times. If you are in the market for a game that is going to keep you guessing, bending, turning, and shooting at all times, we highly recommend this title. 

Player Perspective

The game Superhot is going to be played from the first-person perspective, but slightly different than a lot. You won’t see any of your body, other than your hands. When you pick an object up, regardless of what it is, your hands are going to disappear. You will see the gun, ninja star, or even glass of wine instead of your hands. This doesn’t take away from the immersion in any regard, but it is important to notice, especially for those that are insistent of seeing your whole body inside of VR. 

Theme and Story – Score: 9/10

The theme in Superhot is what is carrying the score here, not the story. There is a story there, but it comes in an odd way. You put a virtual reality headset on in a room, and you hear some faint chatter in your ears, but you aren’t going to be having an objective in each level other than kill or be killed. The theme is strong. Time manipulation and killing is a fun game. 

Controls – Score: 10/10

The controls are perfectly mapped on this game for all controllers. We have played this game on every headset available, but our favorite is the Valve Index and the controls for that headset. The grip is perfectly utilized, the trigger does what you will want it to do, and they are always perfectly representing your hands and weapons at all times. This is a rare 10 here, but it is more than deserving of this fantastic title. 

Music and Sound – Score: 6/10

The music and sound in this game was lacking more than we would’ve hoped for. There was absolutely no music in this game, and the sound effects were often repetitive and reoccurring. It would have made sense to put some music in this game. We don’t know the developers reasons for not putting it in, but we do know it was a conscious decision that was made before this game was released to the public.  

Player Movement – Score: 10/10

The player movement in this game was perfect. Not only did it map to the real world and your real movements perfectly, but it let you forget you were wearing a headset for the duration of your experience. This game done perfectly in this department, and it had to be. If not, you would be left with a movement system that is moving time when you didn’t want it to be moving. Controlling Time in this game is the name of the game, so getting player movement down was essential, and they followed through. 

Kinetosis – Score: 10/10

This game wasn’t built from the ground up for virtual reality, but it sure feels that way. You have freedom of movement in this game, but it doesn’t whip you around like most first-person shooter games. You barely feel movement in this game. This is one of the few games inside of virtual reality for more than 20 minutes, and we truly don’t feel one tad bit of motion sickness when we finally take the headset off. 

Environment and Immersion – Score: 8/10

The only knock on this score is the immersion opportunity that is missed out on with the sounds and music not being up to par with the rest of the game. Had that been higher by even one point, this game could’ve gotten a 9 here, and would have propelled this into the highest score we have ever given. It didn’t, and it is still a great game, but we sure wish they put that soundtrack in the game. 

Overall – Score: 8.8/10

This is tied with Pistol Whip as the highest score we have ever given a game, and it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving group of developers or game makers. The sound and music in the game can be improved upon, but this game is still worth every penny you were going to spend on it before it showed up in the Viveport Infinity world. You can still get this game for free, but it is worth owning your own title for when it inevitably drops its partnership with Infinity. 


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