The Oculus Go is an all-in-one VR headset. It’s a low end headset that requires no PC or smart phone to function. It comes with 3DoF movement tracking for the headset and the one controller included in the box.

As gaming wont be your main or intended use of the Go, it is still very functional and something that will interest many. With the technology inside, or lack of, you will never be able to run any of the best games in VR on this headset like Beat Saber or Superheat, but it has a more intended use of a private viewing of VR experiences and of course, TV. The occasional game on the Go can be compelling, but nothing near what the Rift or the Vive provide for the gaming realm.

What Is The Oculus Go?

Coming in at a price point of $200, the Go is definitely on the more affordable side of things, especially because it is a device that doesn’t use any outside censoring. There are two different models available for two different prices. The 32 GB for $200, and the 64 GB for $250. The storage is the only difference between the two. 

Facebook advertises the Oculus Go as being able to support over 1,000 apps and games. With that being said, that doesn’t mean they are all good. While the Oculus Go doesn’t require a phone to operate, there is an app for iPhone and Android phones that connect and have some pretty cool features, like being able to connect while someone is on the headset, and see what they see from the phone which makes for some fun games. Because this is an all-in-one headset, it has speakers inside of it. Not to worry though, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

32 GB or 64 GB

All of the experience apps on the Go are below 250 MB so that will never be a problem. The best VR games on the Oculus Go do have a wider range in space they take up. Something like Virtual Virtual Reality is only 315 MB, but Eclipse: Edge of Light comes in around 1 whole GB. Since currently its unavailable to download shows through Netlfix, you shouldn’t have a problem with storage.

With a solid Wi-Fi connection, there is YouTube VR and apps like Netflix that will keep you entertained, as well as a solid internet browser for any kind of surfing. If you wont be connected to the internet, Oculus offers view rentals and purchases, and with some effort, you can side load some content of your own onto the device.

32 GB is going to be the move here. Until they make it possible to download on Netflix for the Go, or make bigger and better games, you will never have a problem with overloading the headset.

Battery Pack

With a slightly below average battery time of about 2 hours, the Go almost forces you to go out and buy a battery pack. If you reduce movement and control the brightness you can flirt with a battery life of 3 hours, but usually that is unlikely. 

The headset offers a USB connecter, so all you need to do is find a usb cord that is a few feet, and bang. You have a headset that will last you hours as you binge watch every show on Netflix. If you want to be able to use the Oculus Go without always worrying about battery, you need a separate battery pack. 


The Oculus Go comes with one in hand controller that you can control with 3 fingers. A very minimal design, but gets the job done. While having a separate controller is not important to or even necessary to the Oculus Go, it could be very fun to have. 

The problem is that there are not many games that will utilize it. If you do find a game that you want to mess around with a controller, you can connect Xbox One controllers, PS4 controllers, and even Nintendo Switch controllers. Minecraft VR is not yet supported on the Go, but when it is, a controller will be more useful.


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