So many people are enjoying Beat Saber on their Rift, Vive and even the PSVR now, and that will only continue. There is plenty of new content on the way. 

Earlier in the month during a live stream showcasing this great VR game on PSVR, the developers announced that there is 30 new songs on the way, and that they will be coming out in packs of 10. The first pack is already locked in and ready to roll out, and the second “is nearing completion”. Each pack is expected to cost $9.99. 

“And this is not just regular songs,” said Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck. “I think you will be really excited for these coming because the quality is really the best part for us so I’m trying to get really interesting music.” Not only will this include big hit songs, but songs from independent creators.

Beck went on to say that they were looking for a Spotify support, but soon found that it just simply was not legally possible. He noted how it has been a struggle to get music into the game, saying “So basically the whole thing with the music is that it will evolve. Like the whole game, it will evolve pretty rapidly,” expect big things from these packs.

Beck continued saying that their efforts to find ways to consistently add music to the game wont stop. “We are trying to search for options on how to make more tracks and more songs,” He might’ve hinted at a multiplayer or arcade mode, or both with something long those lines. The game is forever evolving and we wont be surprised to see new and fresh updates. 

It is always nice to see the good games become great, and this game is only getting better. 


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