Starting today, you can join the League of Adventures for epic adventures and quests in no way that has been done before inside of virtual reality. You will be trekking through incredibly treacherous terrain and untold stories with great mystery. Starting today on the Rift Platform from Oculus, you can work your way through Professors Cog’s Voyage in Myth Hunters. This game is full of surprises, and much of it is new to virtual reality as a whole. You can check out the full game trailer below. 

Games like these are going to keep coming to virtual reality, as the audience increases and the VR community is launched across different countries. Three years ago, we would’ve never seen a game like this on the Rift or Vive headsets. Now the Rift S will see an escape type of game with all sorts of genres incorporated into it. It is impressive to see VR get such wide adoption even though there are not too many impressive advances in the technology just yet. 

As for Myth Hunters and where it came from, the CEO of the developing company had something to say. 

“Myth Hunters was inspired by our first VR title, Cursed Sanctum for Gear VR and Oculus Go,” says Arabian Art Studios Founder and CEO Elie Arabian. “We wanted to prove out the idea that an immersive, story-based game experience would be something VR users would really enjoy. Our goal was to create something that didn’t require button mashing or being overly physical. Over the course of development, we decided to introduce more gameplay mechanics. Giving the player control of movement and developing more complex puzzles made the game experience richer and allows players to determine their own pacing.”

We haven’t played this game just yet, but from the looks and sounds of it, we are going to be able to interact with much of the virtual world. Games like this often are fun to play and easy to love, as the immersion is high and the replayability is high. This is because each time you play a game like this, there is something different you can do. If you are interested in puzzling VR games that challenge you, you’ll need to buy your copy of Myth Hunters today. 

“Virtual reality offers an incredible opportunity to make players feel like they are part of the world,” says Arabian. “We really wanted to create and guide players through an immersive world that would only work on VR. We worked on translating that feeling of adventure and discovery into a VR experience, and I think we succeeded.”

This is the future of virtual reality. As more developers come to virtual reality, more will come to the realization that players want to have a true impact on their world, and not be passive characters in a game that plays out right in front of their eyes. 

What type of interaction do you want in virtual reality that we haven’t seen yet? Let us know in the comments below! For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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