Vive has discovered a bug that has a very small chance of bricking the headset during software updates. There will be another update shortly to fix this problem. 

The software has been updated as of 12.6.19. To safely upgrade to, please unplug your Vive Cosmos from the Link Box/Converter before you trigger the update. You may plug it back in once the update is finished, which will trigger a firmware upgrade and complete the process.

This is update isn’t the biggest since the Vive Cosmos release, but it is one of the most efficient and powerful updates for your headset. Out of all of the updates that have been released for this new headset from Vive, this is going to have the biggest impact on your day to day uses of the headset. For a full look at the update comments, you can check those out below. 


  • Improved system stability for use over longer duration


  • HMD:
    • Room Setup will no longer be blocked by the high brightness notification
    • Refined the tracking indication timing during room setup
    • Improved tracking experience during dynamic movements when using VIVE Wireless Adapter
    • Improved the dynamic jitter UX
  • Controller:
    • Support simultaneous movement of occluded and non-occluded controller within the headset’s field of view
    • Improved lower sidetracking performance
    • Optimized tracking trajectory for boxing style movements and archery games
    • Optimized the tracking of throwing actions


  • Added fallback controller type, support added from SteamVR Beta 1.9.4 onwards
  • Fixed a bug where the boundary would not be triggered when the controller is static
  • Fixed IPD display no showing up during tracking indication
  • Fixed bugs where Origin would behave abnormally when set as the default home environment
  • Fixed vignette setting can only be on/off on pass through but now also work on content to address Phr00t’s feedback
  • Fixed GPU memory leak

Vive Console

  • Solved a bug where the HMD firmware update might be interrupted during a software update
  • Synced camera pass-through settings with Lens
  • Renamed an executable file to prevent a bug where “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” wouldn’t run due to a filename keyword filter


  • Improved controller pointer behavior when using Lens
  • Fixed an issue where multiple transitional animations would occur when launching content


  • Updated environmental sounds and refined the tutorial

OOBE & Room Setup

  • The how–to–wear–the–headset video now lets the user know they don’t need to take off their glasses
  • Room setup can be triggered when in an untracked state by a long trigger press for 2 seconds (previously 3 seconds)
  • Improved the OOBE flow when requesting a GPU driver update
  • Updated localization strings for resetting room setup and adjusting the headphone position


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