Ever since Beat Games announced they would be providing a color picker on their next update, the entire VR industry has been anxiously waiting for the update to drop. Although this update did include a color picker, there is much more than needs to be noted about this update that will forever change Beat Saber.

The first part of this update that many people noticed was the six new free songs that were the Original Soundtrack Vol. 3. These songs are all new to Beat Saber. not all of them were made and created by Beck and his music demons.

  • Origins – by Jaroslav Beck and Jan Ilavsky featuring Mutrix
  • Reason For Living – by Morgan Page
  • Give A Little Love – by Pegboard Nerds
  • Full Charge – by Pixl
  • Immortal – by Slippy
  • Burning Sands – by Boom Kitty

Each of these songs, just like most, came in all 5 levels of difficulty. Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Expert + are all playable on the new songs. These songs also did something that not other Beat Saber have done before. They had their own little album release all across the streaming services. Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, and many more services got this album this morning. So before you jump inside of your headset and start swinging at those elusive cubes, hop on your mobile device and get used to the rhythm that you are going to be dancing to for the next few weeks. 

The next part of this update that is most exciting for the masses is the color picker and environment picker. This allows you to pick each of your new saber colors, cube colors, and even the colors of the obstacles coming your way. On top of that, you are available to pick the environment that you are going to be playing in for that specific song. Each of these features were available to the game through mods and side loads, but those often would impact how the game would perform. now, you are able to fully customize your experience without having to compromise your saber speeds. 

The exact notes for this update are listed below. 

  • Color scheme (for notes/sabers, obstacles and lights) override and customization.
  • Level environment override.
  • More precise swing angles detection.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Tweaked note jump start positions and speed in Expert+ difficulty for Crystallized, Cycle Hit and WHAT THE CAT!?
  • Minor fixes in WHAT THE CAT!? beatmaps.
  • Fixed bug when game doesn’t start properly if player data gets somehow corrupted.

You can tell that the developers were focused on improving the game as a whole and not just a big shiny update. The beat maps on some of the songs were a little funky, and they cared enough about the users experience to get it fixed. This is the type of dedication that is going to keep Beat Saber at the top of VR charts for months and hopefully years to come. 

Beat Saber has been incredibly busy in the last few months with a free music release in July, a partnership with Imagine Dragons, and now this overhauling update. This update is likely to attract even more players as well. As for players that have been frustrated that the sabers not being tracking properly for the last few years and have put the game on the shelf, they will be happy to hear that Beat Saber has recalibrated how it tracks the angle and motion of the sabers. 

Beat Saber and Beat Games have been dedicated to bringing a good game to the public for the last three years, and their agenda hasn’t changed yet. This update is the best we have had yet, and they will only get better in the future. 


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