The Joe Rogan Podcast is often a place for people to go learn and hear people talk about MMA, hunting, crazy animals, and often hear some comedians have platform to speak their mind. Very rarely you will hear this podcast touch on the subjects of virtual reality. When it has in the past, it has been about artificial intelligence and how VR could take over our lives as well. For somebody who loves technology, especially the kind that is involved in virtual reality, the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) is usually not the place to go learn. That was until Rogan invited John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus, to be the guest of this prestigious podcast. 

In this 150 minute interview, Carmack and Rogan touch on everything you could want to hear about. John Carmack doesn’t just speak and answer questions, but he spews information out in bunches that almost overwhelm anyone trying to understand what he is saying. Joe Rogan seems to know everything about everything, which makes him a great podcast host. In this particular episode with Carmack, it seemed like Rogan was just blown away by his guest the entire episode. 

In a part of the episode when the two are speaking about cybernetics, what Carmack says simply blows you away. The level of intelligence this man has is unprecedented, and there is no one Oculus would rather have at the front of their technological advances.

In response to Rogan asking if technology will get to a point where boundaries and boarders are impossible, Carmack says that “One thing that people don’t appreciate about cryptography is there’s a straightforward way to make completely unbreakable cryptography. It what’s called a one-time pad where ifs you essentially have a long set of data and its private, as long as nobody else has it you can encrypt anything with it and if it was generated randomly properly. You always have to worry about flaws in your random number generation or your random number source, but a properly generated one-time pad is unbreakable.”

Now, you may be thinking about this being in relations to their VR headset and the privacy, or even about Facebook and their information scandal, but Carmack turned the conversation around when he said that “As we have seen storage densities increase so much, the fact that you can get a little micro SIM card thats holding hundreds of gigabytes now, which is pretty remarkable. You could imagine a world, like if we did have this quantum apocalypse where all of these short 512 1024 bit keys all get smashed irrevocably, I could imagine a world where people start implementing a one-time pad inside of people. So whatever you need to encrypt thats coming form you has this clear unbreakable key that you’re working with”

Now you may have read that and thought to yourself that you need a nap, but don’t stop there. The two later go on to discuss how our brains are going to be interacting with computers in the near future as well. All of this information that spills out of Carmack’s mouth is very insightful and fun to listen to. 

Later on in the podcast the two go on to talk about social media and how it has ruined us all, how Carmack used to super charge is Ferrari’s, what excites Carmack about the Rift, and even about the possibility of artificial intelligence taking over the world. There is much more that can be hear about this podcast, and if you are wanting an inside scoop of where the technical industry is heading, this is a must watch and a must listen for all. 


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