At first glance, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels is a simple cartoon VR game that isn’t going to be impressing too many people. On second look, it is likely the same thing. A game that has fun cartoon graphics and a cute squirrel that is representing the entire game. It isn’t until the third look, a more in-depth look, you realize you are going to be involved in one of the best VR games up to date. 

Acron is a cross-platform VR multiplayer game that allows the opposing players to control the other team with an iOS device or an android device. 

The virtual reality user is going to be tasked with being a tree that is guarding the sacred golden acorns. The player will use their motion controllers that can act the branches of the tree, and even use the controllers as a special weapon to knock an opposing player out of their tree. These extra special weapons are everything from rocks that explode on contact with a squirrel, giant wood chips that look like they are from your mega playground, and even sap balls that look awfully like big balls of goop. Each of these objects, and more, will be helping the VR player get the squirrels off of his tree. The best part about being in the headset? If an opposing player gets to close, you can literally pick them up and launch them across the battle field or into a river. Its like Robo Recall with a fun twist. 

On the opposite side of the game, 2-8 squirrels will be using everything in their power to get to their powerful golden acorns. There are four different squirrels to choose from, and each of them possess their own special power to assist them in their end goal. There is going to be more squirrels released in the near future.

The four squirrels are each fun to play with. first, you’ll meet your typical tank-like character that often resembles a refrigerator. Chunk is the hefty cuddly buddy that is equipped with a shield that can defect off a certain amount of projectiles from the tree. Although chunk is the only one with shield, other characters can use him as a human shield as they need throughout the game. 

Zip, a much less chunky squirrel, is going to make his mark by his speed and agility. He is able to detect incoming projectiles with his keen sense, and avoid them at a rate much higher than any other fury friend. Zip is so fast, that utilizing other teammates powers is going to be very easy. If you are using Zip, you need to have your head on a swivel at all times. 

Doug, the typical squirrel that you find in your backyard on any Saturday morning, is great at getting angry. He will simply to build tunnels under the ground to get back to his lovely acorns. Lastly, Sim is going to be the one to build ramps and jumps to take off of to avoid the obstacles in place by the tree. 

“Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! takes VR outside of the headset like never before,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games, in an official release. “It’s at its best when played as a couch party game together with a bunch of friends and is an ideal addition to your game nights — whether at home or tossing your Oculus Quest in your backpack and taking it to a friend’s place. And it’s really the perfect game for introducing newcomers to VR, because it’s easy to pick up and everyone can participate at the same time.”

Acron will feature six games at launch, and like squirrels, there will be more available in the near future. The game is $19.99 on the Oculus and Steam Stores. The iOS and Android app will be free, as the squirrels are going to be free to use. For more VR gaming fun, making sure to check back at


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