If you have been a fan of Beat Saber since it first debuted back in 2016, you have probably played each song enough times to beat them on expert… with your eyes closed. As fun as beat saber is, it’s hard to play the game consistently when there’s not new songs to be played. Although there is periodically new DLC and songs added, the game has been suffering from a repetition standpoint. 

Of course there is always the route you can take where you side load songs and 3rd party download them from various sources, but it is always risky business uploading files into a game you didn’t create. The source of the game is always the best place to get new content, the only problem is that Beat Saber hasn’t been releasing much. 

Every song (up until yesterday) that was on Beat Saber was an original that was made for the game. Every single one of those songs were fun and upbeat in their own way, but none of them had any connections to the real world, as they were exclusively used inside of the game and no where else. This isn’t a knock on the artist who made them, but they weren’t necessarily good enough to listen to outside of the game either. Let’s just say they fit the game perfectly. 

Imagine Dragons is a band that first started in Provo Utah, where you can find Brigham Young University. Although Provo is not the state capital of Utah, it is one of the most up and coming cities in the united states. If you told Dan Reynolds (the lead singer for the band) that when he first started this band that they would be the first big-name brand to get into the worlds biggest VR game, he would’ve thought that you were lying. 

The Imagine Dragons and Beat Saber collaboration is not one we saw coming, and its not even one that we thought we needed. Up until I played their hit “Believer” for the first time on the Quest, I was sure it was going to be just another song for the worlds best VR game. It wasn’t. This was the band that Beat Saber needed on their game, and they didn’t know how badly until it was played. 

Available as of yesterday, the amazing 10 song bundle can be bought on the Oculus Store, PSVR, and SteamVR for $12.99. The songs that are included in this bundle are the following:

It’s Time




Bad Liar





Whatever It Takes

This isn’t the first time that Beat Saber has teamed up to make DLC that fans have asked for, but this is the first time that this game has made a bundle with this much popularity and mainstream audiences. This bundle has already been sold to plenty, and as the news gets out its sure to sell to many more. 

To buy the bundle it is simple. Whichever headset you are using, go to the app/game store that is supporting. (Please note, the bundle is only supported on VR headsets that are still supporting Beat Saber updates). You will either need to search for Beat Saber, or the bundle will most likely be advertised for the foreseeable future, making it pretty easy to find on your app store.

The bundle does not have a date that it will leave the virtual shelves, although we have surprised before by the short lived shelf life of certain DLC inside of the virtual stores. 


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