Dreamscape is a popular VR company that is based in LA that has been producing location-based games for some time. This company has a plethora of experiences to chose from, and if you’re in the area looking for a family friendly adventure, click here.

The Dreamscape experiences are very original, and not tied to any major companies or ideas. This move that they are malign to partner up with Men In Black is the biggest move they have made yet. You can’t go 15 minutes without seeing a trailer for this upcoming movie no matter what screen you’re looking at.

This move from Dreamscape has caught many off guard, as big-name companies and names have stayed away from VR for some time. Men In Black doesn’t seem to be shying away from the future in the slightest. 

Dreamscape has released what they believe this upcoming experience will do for you. They say  “You will leave your identity behind, rise above the system, as you take on your first heart pounding MIB mission — escorting the royal family of Zarthania safely back to the edge of the galaxy aboard your intergalactic hoverbikes, evading the evil Octopoid alien invaders along the way and hopefully making your way back to MIB headquarters.”

Already this sounds like a promising experience inside of virtual reality, and with the addition of being location based, this could make for an unforgettable experience for many, and even a great introduction to virtual reality. 

The experience is already shaping up to be a great one. Walter Parks, who produced all four Men In Black movies, The Minority Report, and many others, is taking the producer role on this project also. Walter is also a co-founder of Dreamscape, which makes this power move by the company a little more safe and understandable. 

On top of all of these accomplishments and titles held by Walter, one of the most impressive is the role he played helping found DreamWorks. His work in that company has been overshadowed by his great career, but it is one of his biggest accomplishments. Walter came out with a quote regarding this experience by saying “Our goal at Dreamscape is to combine the emotional power of cinematic storytelling with the epic thrill of amusement park rides — and with MIB: First Assignment, you will truly be the hero of the adventure”. 

This announcement should excite many, as location-based VR games are hard to come by, let alone one with the popularity of Men In Black. 

The VR experience is excited to be ready to go by the end of the calendar year, and the new film Men In Black: International is making its theater debut on June 14. 


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