Whether you are in self-isolation, social distancing yourself, or even in a hard quarantine, it can be hard to pass the time. With so many out of work, and so much time opening up in peoples lives, turning to gaming has been a common theme. If you have a virtual reality headset, you are in luck. 

We have found that virtual reality gaming has the ability to immerse you and throw you in a time loop more than any other gaming platform. Below, we are going to cover four great games that will help you pass the time as you are limited in your ability to go out and about. If you think we missed a game, or think the list should be added to, let us know in the comments below! 

Beat Saber

Do we sound like a broken record? Probably. But is Beat Saber the best game of all time? Absolutely it is. Beat Saber has a unique set of game mechanics that make it almost too easy to get lost inside of the game. Each song is roughly three minutes. That means from picking the song to getting out of the song, you have already spent about four minutes on the task. 

Considering the song itself feels like it is 20 seconds long, this is a great way to burn time. If you have played Beat Saber before, you know how easy it is to accidentally lose a few hours of your life inside of the game. What may feel like a few songs will leave you with a beard and missing your children’s graduation for the third year in a row. 

There is a reason this game has every award possible. Swallow the pill of the price and all included DLC and you’ll find yourself in lightsaber heaven for the weeks and possibly months to come. 

A Fisherman’s Tale 

This game won ‘Game of the Year’ for a reason. In fact, it took the title 365 days right after Beat Saber. Its a prestigious award, and it went to the right game. This game is played from a handful of different perspectives while still not throwing you for a kinetosis trip. It is a puzzle game that is evolving without you ever knowing what is actually happening. 

You’ll be inside of the same lighthouse for the entirety of the game, but the lighthouse is constantly being changed in detail and in size. Is it the same lighthouse? Jump in to find out. If you are dedicated to finishing the game in one sitting, you will be able to knock it out. If you want to leisurely trek through the story, you won’t be pushed along either.  

Less than an hour of story, but much more than that will be given to you if you buy this game. Go buy it now if you are interested in a trippy story that is going to suck you into the gameplay early. 


If you have played SUPERHOT VR, you know how fun this game is. But thats not all. The game itself is fun, but is incredibly great at wasting your time. Because the levels get progressively get more tough and lengthy, you won’t know how long it took you to pass a level, especially if you are failing a handful of times before you actually get past the last scene. 

Time only moves when you do. If you want to take the entire level slow and dodge bullets like Jason Bourne, you can. If you want to take the level by storm and let the bullets fly at you with incredibly speed, be our guest. However you go about this game, it is going to waste your time and get your legs and whole body into the gaming, something everyone can use when they need to move around in tight spaces. 

This game is an all-time classic. Whether you buy it today or you buy it next month, it needs to be inside of your VR library for maximum happiness. And movement. 

Rec Room 

Are you shocked by this addition to time wasters? Typically, we would be too. But make no mistake, some people need human contact, even if it’s just in the virtual realm. Rec Room connects with thousands of VR users from all across the world. Play games, chat, and create your own worlds inside of this free-to-play VR experience. 

This game is usually riddled by younger-than-average VR players, but with the latest restrictions, you’ll start to find some older players in the game. Its a great place to socialize and check out some of the creations that the best at-home devs are cooking up. 

The games inside of Rec Room are no joke either. Paintball in VR? Load into Rec Room and see what all of the hype is about. It seems like the possibilities are endless when it comes to community creations. 

(VR Chat has a great community as well. With either one, you will get a great experience)

PokerStars VR 

Another great game that is free to play. With so many out of work right now, it is important to not spend where it isn’t needed. Much like poker in real life, this game is going to keep you captivated for hours at a time. Even if you aren’t interested in poker itself, you can grab a few props and try to distract your virtual friends as they try to win some virtual money. 

Whether you are a gambling machine or a simple human trying to win some VC while having fun in a group setting, we think PokerStars is the game for you. Each game can last hours and you won’t even notice you forget to feed your kids lunch… and dinner. Its a fun game worth your time. 

If you are looking for more games that you can spend your free time playing, check out our different lists of VR games and experiences below! For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com

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