You may not know it, but you probably have everything you need to jump into virtual reality right now! Some virtual game and experiences require a separate VR headset and controller, but  there are actually other paths you can take to get up and running with  new and exciting VR experiences. 

The best VR games that don’t require controllers – we break them down for you below – offer a wide range of VR Apps that are sure to entertain new and experienced players. 

Playing your favorite console or mobile games in virtual reality can be exciting and fun! And expierencing your favorite action movies in virtual reality will breath new life into the film. Wither you’re looking for games with a first-person perspective, like a first-person shooter or terrifying horror games, or if want to relax and experience something more soothing, there are enough VR Apps out there now to help you get your feet wet right away!

All the games below were slected specificallay because they don’t require a controller to play.They are considered “Gaze Controlled”. What this means is you interact with the virtual environment by moving your head and looking in the direction that you’d like to take action during gameplay. As you move your head, the image in the headset will change to reflect what you would see if you had move your head to gaze a different direction in the real world – except everything is virtual. The technologies, which we cover in other areas of the site, are crucial to enabling a virtual reality experience on any device, and they are specifically why you are able to enjoy them with the titles listed below. 

Top Picks for VR Games Without Controllers

Best Overall: Smash Hit

Smash Hit, which originally launched on iOS and Android, is available on the most popular VR platforms like Gear VR, Oculus Rift and GO.  It’s a runner-type game where you float forward through space, shooting shiny chrome marbles at obsticals made of glass. The music is soothing and surreal – you’ll definitly want to wear headphones to get the full experience. Timing and aim are curcial so playing this game in VR is actually more optimal than the original mobile version.  

A single button is all that is required to play, and aiming is done by simply looking in the direction you intend to launch the chrome marbles. Each stage you enter includes different music and design while you move past the obstacles. The game includes an impressive 50 different rooms and 11 different graphical styles. This game, while simple, is addictive and fun to play!

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Updated Classic: VR Pac-mac

VR Pac-mac gives you a first-person perspective of what it’s like to be, well,  PacMan. Like a rat in a maze – but with the added support of a map to give you relative position within the maze – you run around doing what Pac-Man has always done, eat pellets, avoid ghosts, and each cherries.

Like regular Pac-Man, you are constantly moving and can only stop if you run into a wall – which I don’t suggest because you wont be able to see the bad guys approaching. To turn, you rotate you head and body in the direction you would like to go – winning is identical to regular PacMan as well. 

VR Pac-mac gives you an immersive first-person experience. The developers behind VR Pac-mac are always updating the game, listening to user’s reviews and tightening up both the AI and graphics to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable for its players.

Best Rollercoaster: VR Rollercoaster

Sit back and enjoy the ride with VR Rollercoaster, a simulation game that gives you the sense that you’re riding in the front seat of a real rollercoaster – minus the restrains and wind. If you are susceptible to become motion sick, you will definitely get a good dose of that from playing this game. When playing VR Rollercoaster you can look around as you experience the rush of various rollercoaster rides that send you through lifelike simulations of real theme parks with all the twists, turns and loops you’d expect.

VR Rollercoaster doesn’t qualify as a virtual reality game as much as it does a virtual reality experience. After a simple click to calibrate where the forward position is on your headset, the game will toss you into the full immersion of a theme park. Not only with the stunning coasters themselves, but with the non-visual aspects as well. The crowd noises, sounds of over head aircrafts, the PA announcer at the park, and so many other things will have you questioning where in the world your head actually is. You are also able to control when the ride stops and goes, making it very simple to enjoy a certain part of the experience if it is especially interesting to you. 

Snowball Fights: Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike in virtual reality is not your typical first person shooter game. When you see this title, it seems a little vicious with the word strike, but the game is everything but that. Its some kids trying to defend their perfect snow fort from the evil bullies. This game is a simple tower defense with snowballs and a 180 degree view. 

You simply fire the snowballs with the click of a button on the headset while an enemy is approaching. Although a controller is compatible with the game, I’ve found its much easier to leave it out of it. You can wiggle your head through the fire of their snowballs, and hearing the crunch of the snow beneath your feet as you move is especially cool. If you’re looking for a first person style of a shooter game but don’t want the violence, strategy, and stress of a different game, this is the route to take.  

For Horror Lovers: Insidious VR

For those who love a great rush of fear and adrenaline, this game, or experience, will be perfect you. With no controller needed, you will be thrown into this horror fantasy with no going back. This is one of the best experiences regardless of the category. A 1080 virtual reality horror scene is nothing laugh about. 

The best way to experience this game will be with Google Cardboard and a great set of headphones. The developers did a phenomenal job with incorporating 360 degrees of not only visual, but sound aspects. This game will have you turning your head every which way and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Don’t sit back and enjoy this one. Just try your hardest to not close your eyes. 

Best First-Person Shooter: Trooper 2

Trooper 2 is a pretty rare game for this list. A fully immersive 360 degree first person shooter that is still able to include fun and excitement at every turn, despite having one control. All you need to do to play this game is stand up, walk around, and be ready at any moment to pull the trigger. 

Trooper 2 puts you in a world full of evil green block men. They are invading your planet, and of course you are the only one that can stop them. The whole world is blocked, like the men, but still maintains a reasonable amount of good gameplay despite the wacky graphics. You’re a trooper, and graphics are the last thing on your mind once your battle picks back up. 

Racing: VR Racer

VR XRacer is yet another title to make this list because of their amazing ability to make a simple headset all you need for serious gaming. In this game you’ll be simply moving your head as you take on this different track. Amazing graphics show the buildings in front of you that you’ll need to duck under and move your ship around as well. 

VR XRacer throws you in a spaceship like machine, and expects you to to be able to navigate through a seemingly endless city. While moving the ship with your head, you can also collect bonus points, go through special rings for different in-game power ups, and many other fun parts added to the gameplay. With this game constantly experiencing updates, you can expect this game to consistently bring the goods. 

High Intensity: VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump is a pretty cool yet simple game. You look in the direction that you want to jump, and will click the button. You need to be checking every angle though, because the 360 degree visuals will give you plenty of options to choose from. 

This virtual reality game can turn every day obstacles like crossing the road, into a serious life or death situation. This game starts the player on a peaceful green and healthy area, only to get more exciting and dangerous. You’ll never know which way is exactly the safest. 

This game will have the user being completely aware of the surroundings, and if you cant master that skill, you’ll find yourself being hit by all sorts of cool looking vehicles. 


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