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Steam VR Game – Top Paid and Free

Viveport VR Games – Top Paid, Subscription, and Free

Oculus VR Games – Top Paid and Free (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift/Rift S)

PlayStation VR Games – Top Paid and Free

Buying your first virtual reality game is a milestone for any gamer. Buying your 50th VR game is also a milestone, albeit a milestone that feels much more significant. Whether you own the media-focused Oculus Go or the high-end Valve Index, you want to experience some type of interactive game with your VR headset. Below, we will break down each store and what they can offer you and your headset. 

Not all VR storefronts are created equal. SteamVR is going to have the most titles out of any store, Viveport is going to have some of the best deals, and Oculus is going to have the most polished games on the market. Your VR headset may work with all of these stores, or only one. We will also be including which headsets can play the store’s games. 

(We won’t be including Beat Saber in any of these lists, as it the best game ever for virtual reality and we don’t need to be repeating ourselves. To save a spot and leave it open for another deserving top game, Beat Saber will be left off all lists.)

Each section: 

  • Headsets that can play the games
  • Best VR Games (5)
  • Best Free VR Games (5)

SteamVR Games and Experiences

SteamVR is the oldest virtual reality store, and it also has the most titles out of all of the stores inside of the virtual markets. On Steam, you are going to find some of the best VR games and the worst, with each app being very different in pricing. Below, we will be listing out the headsets compatible with SteamVR, the best-paid games and immersive VR apps available, and the best free downloads as well. SteamVR is going to change reality for you. Whether it be searching for the top horror games or a simple Job Simulator, SteamVR is the top store for all apps and games. We sense (with our Star Wars force powers) that this is going to be your favorite VR store.

Supported headsets:

  1. HTC Vive 
  2. HTC Vive Pro
  3. Oculus Rift
  4. Oculus Rift S
  5. Valve Index
  6. Vive Cosmos
  7. Oculus Quest with Link
  8. Windows Mixed Reality

Best Games on SteamVR (Paid)

  1. Boneworks ($29.99)
  2. Pavlov VR ($24.99)
  3. The Elder ScrollsV: Skyrim VR ($59.99)
  4. Arizona Sunshine ($39.99)
  5. Pistol Whip ($24.99)

Best Games on SteamVR (Free)

  1. Google Earth 
  2. Surgeon Simulator 
  3. Rec Room
  4. The Lab
  5. VR Chat

Viveport Games and Experiences

Viveport is the home of all Vive headsets. Whether it be an enterprise looking for some games throughout the workday, or consumers looking for the best games to run on their new Vive Cosmos, the Vive store is the place to be. The Infinity subscription allows gamers to download games without any cost. This has quickly become the premier way to experience virtual reality games in massive amounts. From your classic first-person shooter to simple Gear VR games, Viveport is going to have everything for you. Since this subscription has been launched, VR gaming will forever be changed. This isn’t streaming either, you get to download the game onto your PC and explore your new immersive VR worlds. Viveport offers mixed reality games that are immersive as you will find with any other store.

Supported headsets:

  1. HTC Vive 
  2. HTC Vive Pro
  3. Oculus Rift
  4. Oculus Rift S
  5. Oculus Quest with Link
  6. Windows Mixed Reality

Best Viveport Games (Paid)

  1. Gorn ($19.99)
  2. Espire 1: VR Operative ($29.99)
  3. Westworld ($29.99)
  4. Blade & Sorcery ($19.99)
  5. Audica ($29.99)

Best Viveport Infinity Games (Subscription)

  2. OhShape
  3. I Expect You To Die
  4. Sairento VR
  5. Seeking Dawn

Best Viveport Games (Free)

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home
  2. Oasis Beta
  3. Last Day Defense
  4. The Body VR
  5. Trials on Tatooine


The Oculus VR Store has grown from supporting titles for the Oculus Rift only to now supporting custom titles for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Rift and Rift S. Each of these VR Headsets has its store with VR Games and experiences tailored to the unique capabilities – and limitations – of each headset. The Oculus Store is also tailored to the newest Touch controllers also, which are the best motion controllers on the market today. These only add to your virtual reality experience.

Buying a VR Game for one Oculus headset doesn’t necessarily mean you can play that game on a different type of Oculus headset. For example, if you purchase Beat Saber for the Oculus Quest from the Oculus Quest Store, you are not able to download Beat Saber for the Oculus Rift without buying the game again. There has been a lot of frustrated customers that think cross-buy should be available for those who own Oculus headsets that have the same titles across VR Storefronts, but we have yet to see a full implementation of Cross-buy by Oculus. Some VR Developers have taken that step independent of Oculus, but the majority have not and if you want to play the same title on different Oculus headsets, you will have to make two purchases. Each controller for each headset is different also, so developers have more work to do than ever for this VR content on Oculus.

Oculus Go Games and Experiences

Best Oculus Go Games (Paid)

On the Oculus Go, the available games and experiences are limited to mostly viewing experiences, with a very simple interaction model for games that go beyond 360 video. 

  1. Tomb Raider Lara’s Escape | VR
  2. Gala VIP Shows
  3. Hulu
  4. Epic Roller Coasters
  5. Plex VR

Best Oculus Go Games (Free)

  1. Pigasus VR Media Player $3.99
  2. Affected The Manor $2.99
  3. Wands $9.99 
  4. Thumper $9.99
  5. Coaster $1.99

The Oculus Quest offers VR Games and Experiences that are true to what people have come to expect of VR. While the refresh rate and resolution on the Oculus Quest does not rise to the level of the Rift or Rift S, the Oculus Quest is a fully capable standalone VR headset that some top VR games have been re-engineered to work on. New games are also including the ability to track your hands, so making a game for the Quest is a smart idea for all developers right now. The Quest is currently the best virtual reality headset on the market.

Oculus Quest Games and Experiences

Compatible VR Headsets: Oculus Quest

Best Oculus Quest Games (Paid)

  1. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels ($19.99)
  2. Path of the Warrior ($19.99)
  3. Vacation Simulator ($29.99)
  4. Star Trek: Bridge Crew ($29.99)
  5. The Climb ($29.99)

Best Oculus Quest Games (Free)

  1. Rec Room
  2. Epic Roller Coasters
  3. Netflix
  4. VRChat
  5. Oculus Venues

Oculus Rift/Rift S Games and Experiences

Best Oculus Rift/Rift S Games (Paid)

  1. Stormland
  2. Asgard’s Wrath 
  3. Journey of the Gods
  4. Robo Recall
  5. Project Cars

Best Oculus Rift/Rift S Games (Free)

  1. National Geographic VR
  2. Tomb Raider VR
  3. Face Your Fears
  4. Space Battle
  5. Dead and Buried

Oculus Rift/Rift S (and Oculus Quest with ‘Link Cable’ 

  1. Vader Immortal $9.99
  2. Red Matter $29.99
  3. DiRT Rally $24.99
  4. Tilt Brush $19.99
  5. Half + Half $9.99

PSVR Store

The PlayStation Network store is a fun place when shopping virtual reality games, mostly because it is a guessing game until you click on the game itself. When it comes to the games you can access with your PS VR headset though, there is no shortage. Although there is a wide variety of PC VR games that never made it to the PlayStation headset, there is also a large collection of virtual reality games that only made it to the PlayStation VR headset. Below, you can find our list of the top free and paid games inside of PSVR, the true console VR experience. Minecraft VR did not make the list, but it is still a great game. You also won’t find many simple VR apps on this platform.

PSVR Headset Only

Best PSVR Games (Paid)

  1. Moss ($29.99)
  2. Resident Evil 7 biohazard ($19.99)
  3. Firewall Hour Zero ($19.99)
  4. Last Labyrinth ($39.99)
  5. The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets ($14.99)

Best PSVR Games (Free)

  1. Rec Room
  3. We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live
  4. Inception VR
  5. In The Cloud: VR Afterlife 


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