VR Regatta is one of the only virtual sailing simulations in the world right now, and it is the best out of the small sample size we have. If you are a sailor looking to get into VR or a VR enthusiast looking to get into sailing, this game is going to perfectly made for you. From the real mechanics to the realistic water physics in this game, you are going to be thrown into the real world of boat sailing. 

In our in-depth game reviews, we look to cover every aspect of the game you will and would want to know about before you go out and try or buy a new virtual reality title. From the way you turn the boat to the sound effects it provides when you are in the storm, this game review is going to give you everything you need to know about VR Regatta. If you think we missed something or want us to cover a new part of the game, let us know in the comments below! 

Getting Up and Running

Getting up and running in VR Regatta is no different than any other VR game. You won’t need a big sail or a paddle to get going, but a VR headset is a great place to start. The file size in this game is less than 2 GB, so getting this downloaded and installed onto your PC should not be a problem, regardless of your internet connection. If you have fast internet, you could have this game in less than two minutes. If you are connected to a slower internet, it could take nearly 15 minutes. 

As for buying this game, you are going to be able to find it on the Steam Store, the Oculus Store, and on Viveport. It is a part of the Viveport Infinity subscription if you aren’t looking to spend $19.99 on a sailing simulation game. The price is often discounted on Steam, but you will rarely find that to be the case through Oculus. If you are looking for a discounted version of this game, Viveport and their Infinity subscription is going to be your best friend going forward, especially for free game downloads. 

Type of Game

This is a sports simulation game, but not your typical VR sports simulation. There isn’t going to be a fun twist in this game, nor is there going to be a fairy or wizard chasing you throughout this game. You are in a boat and your goal is to beat the other racers, or in some cases, to best your own time. If you are looking for a game with some fun twists in it while being in the water, Battlewake is a great place to get that sort of action. 

You will be learning the basics of sailing in this game. With multiple game modes to play ranging from career to relax mode, you are going to become one with your boat. There is an absurd amount of accessories and mods you can add to your boat, making it a boat that truly feels like it is your own inside of the virtual world. This game can appeal to large crowds, from novices to experts.

Player Perspective

This game is played from the first-person perspective, or at least that is what we are assuming throughout the gameplay. As a player, you will only be seeing your controllers in this game, not even hands that are being represented by your controllers in this virtual space. You will be sitting or standing, depending on what kind of game mode you choose and what kind of seal boat you load yourself into. You won’t see yourself at all in this game, and it ends up hurting both the environment and immersion in this game. 

Theme and Story – Score: 8/10

There is no story mode in this game, but the theme makes up for the lack of story throughout. You do go through the ranks of a sailor, and that adds to the theme of being sailor a good amount as well. There is a lot that the developers did in this game with the theme that was incredibly impressive. Our favorite was the books on the wall that teaches you sailor terminology. It adds to the fun, and you can tell some real work was put into this game. 

Controls – Score: 8/10

The controls in this game are as easy as you would hope them to be. Sailing is complicated as it is, so making the controls way to understand was important. The grip will grab your hand on the control shaft until you press it again. The trigger will maintain the hold until you let go, and the joystick helps you teleport on the boat and in your pier home. The controls were natural and easy to use. Just minutes into the game, we forgot that we were holding the controller and not actuating sailing. 

Music and Sound – Score: 6/10

The ambient water sounds in this game were nothing to joke about, but the lack of music was. There was a good amount of time in the game that we would have appreciated the ability to listen to music while navigating the aggressive waters. Although it wasn’t hindering the entire feel of the game, it could have been added and the score would have reflected that well. 

Player Movement – Score: 8/10

The moment in this game is inverted, and that is because sailing itself is inverted. To the common VR fan with no sailing experience (most of us), it seems weird and hard to control. Although this is natural to some, it would have been nice to see the opposite controlling be available in the settings. That’s not the reason for the score being knocked through. That comes from the often inconsistent steering. 

Kinetosis – Score: 7/10

Sailing gives the feeling of motion sickness often, even if you aren’t wearing a virtual reality headset. This game does a good job of minimizing this feeling, but it is still going to be there. The boat rocks often, and that is a real feeling that we easily could have gone without while playing VR Regatta. The game reflects how this activity should feel, but that’s not always the best thing in the world. 

Environment and Immersion – Score: 9/10

The options for the landscape in this game were second to none. This game is one of the most breathtaking games we have had in front of our eyes. We played this on the Valve Index and it did not disappoint. There were times where we would lose track of the game we were playing and simply look at the beautiful scenery. The only thing that could’ve made this better was some soothing music in the background to ensure we never had a dull moment. 

Overall – Score: 7.6/10

The overall score here does a great job of reflecting how we feel about this game. It captivated our attention well for an hour, but it won’t do that for every player. If you are a VR enthusiast that loves every VR game, you’ll love this one. If you happen to be a sailor that is looking for a virtual experience, this game is going to fit perfectly for you. As for a common fan looking for a fantastic and entertaining game with lots of twists and turns, this isn’t the one for you. Getting it for free on Viveport Infinity is available for all, but not all should take it. 


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