Loco Dojo VR is a fun and humorous VR game that is going to keep you entertained for hours on end. It perfectly exemplifies what British humor is all about, and the quirkiness of this game is going to keep it relevant for years to come, regardless of the popularity that virtual reality is starting to pick up. If you are in the market for a game that is fun and doesn’t require a lot of time before you start looking for fun, look no further than Loco Dojo. 

In our in-depth game reviews, we look to cover everything you will want to know before you go out and buy or try a virtual title. Loco Dojo is no exception and we couldn’t be more excited to review this game for you today. From the menu inside of each mini-game to the locomotion system that seems ever-changing, we will have it all covered in our review below. Let’s jump right in and see what Make Real made in their first VR attempt. 

Getting Up and Running

Getting up and running in Loco Dojo is no different than any other virtual title. You won’t need a pig to sit on or a whip to use, just your headset and your controllers are going to be enough to get going. This game is only going to take 3 GB on your computer, and the download speed is relatively fast. If you are on a quick internet connection, the download and installation should be quick. If you are connected to a slower internet connection, download and installation could take nearly 45 minutes. 

This game is available for purchase on the Oculus Store, the Steam Store, and the Viveport Store. It is not available to buy or play on the PlayStation VR system. The price of this game is $19.99, but it is not set in stone as it is often on sale for the customers. You can also pick up a free download and file of this game in the Viveport store if you have the Infinity subscription. There are plenty of ways to get this game right in front of your eyes. 

Type of Game

This is an arcade mini-game that is full of mini-games. In fact, this game is only mini-games. Loco Dojo is featured in thousands of VR arcades all across the world, and is often one of the most played games in those arcades. The easy looks and the minimal motion sickness is one of the reasons this game does so well across all platforms and level of fans. 

There are exactly 16 different game modes and mini-games in this game, and they seem to never get too boring or too repetitive. There are also 15 different achievements you can unlock in this game. This game is also a multiplayer in some areas, and you can cross-play with other platforms as well. You won’t find yourself getting bored or leaving this game often, as it has something for everyone the second you jump in. 

Player Perspective

All of the mini-games in Loco Dojo are going to be played from the first-person perspective, but you won’t be seeing much of who you are. You will see your hands throughout the gameplay, but even those are consistently there. It is a hologram as well, which is important to note. You won’t be seeing your arms, legs, or body as well in this game. Whether you are sitting or standing in the real world, you are going to be sitting (or standing) in the same spot at all times inside of Loco Dojo. 

Theme and Story – Score: 8/10

There isn’t a story mode in this game and there isn’t a campaign mode either, but the theme is strong enough to span over many different games. In fact, that is what the theme did as it stayed consistent throughout all 16 different mini-games. If you are looking for a light-hearted VR game that isn’t going to take 13 hours to complete, this theme and lack of story is perfect. 

Controls – Score: 7/10

There was only one source of input in this game was the trigger, but you used both hands and the triggers enough to forget how minimal the controls are while you play. You will rarely have either hand at your sides in this game, and the controls are never changing which makes it incredibly easy to understand what to do while you are jumping from mini-game to mini-game. 

Music and Sound – Score: 9/10

The music and sound in this game might have been the highlight of the entire experience. There is always something being fed into your ears, but it never feels like it is too much is being shoved into your ears. The soundtrack is engaging and the narrators are friendly and helpful while still maintaining the playfulness you expect from virtual reality. 

Player Movement – Score: 8/10

There isn’t much player movement in this game, but when it was there, it shined. The only flaw we have with this game and the reason the score is taking a small hit is from the lack of movement we were feeling in this game. A lot of times you would find that you were limited to one single spot, even if you were playing at a room-scale play area. This could be added with new mini-games, but it still gets a great score. 

Kinetosis – Score: 7/10

There was a small amount of motion sickness in this game, but that is what comes with a game that throws you in and out of games at such a high rate. The motion sickness mostly didn’t come from the moment in the game as much as it came from the transitions from scene to scene. This is easily avoidable, but it wasn’t avoided in this version. A small update could easily fix this problem. 

Environment and Immersion – Score: 8/10

Even when you are jumping from game to game, the constant theme ensures that you are still engaged and investment in your large-scale arcade game. The narrators also play a huge part in the immersion, as they let you know how to be better in the game without being nagging or too obvious. This is a well-done game and the immersion and environment score is going to reflect that. 

Overall – Score: 7.6/10

The score reflects how we felt about Loco Dojo, but we think that could change from person to person. If you are a big fan of Stormland for the stories and depth, this game isn’t going to appeal to you. If you are a fan of Angry Birds because of the simplicity mixed with leveling up and progressing, this game may be your favorite of all time. This game is inside of Viveport, so getting your copy is as easy as ever. 


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