The game SUPERHOT has been around for more than a few years, but it hasn’t been on VR forever. In fact, the VR hit game is turning three years old today on the virtual reality platform. This game has come a long way, as it was available on the Oculus Rift DK2 with controllers that were simple gamepads. Now you can play this game wirelessly with room-scale and a wide variety of virtual inputs. 

The company took to Twitter to thank their loyal fans for their continued support throughout the years, and they had a pretty interesting announcement at the end of the tweet, saying that “Tomorrow we will have a proper thank you ;)” You can check out the tweet below. 

This tweet has generated a handful of buzz in the virtual community. This could mean a few different things, and we will be dissecting them below. 

First, the natural assumption is that Superhot VR is releasing an update tomorrow. It would make sense, as the game as seen a lack of new content for the past few months. It has also been a part of Viveport for almost a month now, so getting some new DLC to generate some more hype around this game might be a smart way to go right now for the developers. It also would fall on a Friday, the day most games are updated or released. Most gamers find time on the weekend to play, so this would make the most sense. 

The proper thank you could also be a simple video or documentary about the game. It wouldn’t have to be too in-depth or too sappy, but sharing the developer’s experience with the fans and supporters of the game is also something that would go a long way, especially because that is something that isn’t done much inside of this ever-growing tech industry. 

Inside of the picture made with the tweet, you can also see a couple of figures that are standing with the mini chocolate cake and donuts in celebration. The developers could have mass-produced these figurines and could be sending them out to all VR backers of the game. It would mean a lot to get some return out of an investment other than the game itself, and the devs could really steal a few hearts with a kind gesture like that. 

We do expect this game to be updated tomorrow. That is what we think will happen and that is what likely will come. We won’t see a collar or any sorts, as those things are often leaked or hinted at in more obvious ways leading up to release. But even if this is a simple update, we hope to see a little more from the studio before the end of the day. Whether it be another teaser hint or simply an upcoming update inside of Steam, we think a little more buzz will be generated before the end of the day. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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