Superhot is one of the hottest games in the world right now. This game only moves when you do. You are always trying to be killed by red glass-like men all while you are moving as quickly and slowly as possible. These red men will only move if you do, but their intentions are clear with every movement they make. 

When I first heard that the Oculus Quest was going to feature Superhot VR, I was ecstatic. This game was one of my favorites on the market. I first played Superhot on the Xbox One a few years back, and I instantly fell in love. Playing this game made real time go by in a blur, and made playing a first person shooter game move incredibly slow. The name of the game is to plan out your next move, and hopefully the whole level, before you start your movements. 

The price of Superhot VR in the Oculus store in $24.99, a bit steeper than any other versions of the game. I won’t be the first to say that it is worth every penny of it. Playing this game untethered from my PC while being able to (and forced to) spin around to fight enemies from every corner is something that you cannot experience any other way. 

If you haven’t played Superhot Vr yet, I highly recommended playing on your preferred VR headset. 

The Superhot Team recently released a press release with the news that the Oculus version of this game saw “300% higher sales than their launch on Oculus Rift.” This is just revenue, but this is great feat. This is something that rarely happens, and something that I cannot remember happening in the virtual worlds. It is quite impressive and there is a handful of reasons that this game is seeing the success it is. 

One of the reasons is the mobility of the Oculus Quest. This headset is powerful enough to be played inside of a parking lot by yourself. Now we don’t recommend this idea, we do know that playing in a very open area is ideal. The Quest features a tracking system that is standalone and still offers a great six degrees of freedom. This game is exactly what this headset needed to show its muscles. 

Another reason that could be have helped this outbreak of the game is the lack of big titles on the Quest. Clearly this game is fantastic, but outside of Beat Saber and Vader Immortal, there was not a lot of known titles to play on the Quest. This is not to say that Superhot VR isn’t great. The game is at the top for reason, but the game charts for the Quest are very top heavy. The top ten games for the Quest are pulling in a great amount of revenue, almost as much as the bottom 90 games combined. 

No matter which way you slice it, the numbers don’t lie. 300% better on the Quest is great, and it speaks to the great engineering of Superhot VR. Going forward, we can expect the Quest to help boast the sales of Superhot. 


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