In this day and age, every company is trying new things everyday to get ahead their competitors. Samsung is one of those companies. With their phones always competing with Apple, their TV’s being a staple in the industry, and even their speakers are great, we always expect great things from them. In a recent expo, the Augmented World Expo, we heard some great and promising this from Samsung and one of their representatives. 

To quickly fill you in on what you will be learning about in the following paragraphs, Samsung will be announcing and releasing new AR and Vr products in the coming weeks and months. 

The last launch of a product in the AR and VR realm was the Samsung Odyssey+, an upgrade and refresh to their already great Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For the most part, the Samsung sales and popularity in Vr have been their headsets that are computable with their high-end phones. The Samsung Gear is great, but the rep for Samsung did say that “Gear VR was a good entry point for Samsung” and that – when speaking of VR – “things have moved on”. 

This could a plethora of things, but what we take away from this the most is the fact that Samsung is looking to move on to bigger and better virtual reality hardware and potentially software.  Him saying that “things” have moved on from Gear VR seem like the company is moving on from the project and leaving it behind, although that is not the case. They simply plan to build on top of this already great idea. 

He went on to say that “we have other plans for Gear”, and that gives mobile users of VR some much needed light and hope for their light versions of virtual reality headsets. 

With Samsung announcements on the horizon, we have to go back some time to guess what they could be working on. Samsung announces at their developer conference in 2017 that the “next mobile VR system” is something that they had been working on and planning. They touched on the possibilities of the future headset having 6 degrees of freedom, being completely standalone, and even not having to be connected to any type of outside device. 

If Samsung surprises us announces that this headset could be released inside of this calendar year, we could see a true rival to the Oculus Quest. With HTC gearing up to get the HTC Vive Cosmos on the shelves, Oculus could finally have some real company at the top of the industry. If the Samsung standalone headset is everything that we expect it to be, then we will see something that could be special. If it is anything short of what the Oculus Quest is, we are going to see Samsung be at the bottom looking up once again. 

With that being said, there is a lot Samsung plans to do in the upcoming months. This may well be a new standalone, all-in-one headsets. It may also be a jump into the AR industry. Be sure to check back to stay up to date on your latest and best VR news. 


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