Every two years Disney hosts one of the biggest expos in the entire world. In 2017, the D23 Expo had an attendance over 65,000 people in its three day span. This expo is an inside look at each of the new Disney films, new and old characters, and even new looks at the worlds that each of the movies takes place in. This is something that is intended to entertain both adults and children, as there is something for everyone at this exciting expo. 

Located in the Anaheim Convention Center in southern California, the showcase includes something new each year that it is put in. This year you will be celebrating the 25th year of Disney on Broadway by experiencing an exclusive concert that is full of generational Disney talents. In this 75-minute show you will be partying with Ashley Brown form Mary Poppins, Josh Strickland from Tarzan, Kissy Simmons from Lion King, and even Alton Fitzgerald who also stars in Lion King. There is no shortage of star power in this show, and it still will be something like never before. Included during these peoples singers, you are going to be listening to a six-piece band, as they perform songs from Frozen, Aladdin, Freaky Friday, The Little Mermaid, and many more Disney hits from over the years. 

The D23 has never seen something so magnificent just yet. Of course there has been a great amount of stars in altrednace over the past years, but nothing of this magnitude of all of them working together. We are sure to blown away by the talent they have gathered and the show they plan to put on. 

Making its debut at this expo is the VR experience that everyone has always wanted. What Disney has done to make advances with virtual reality must not go unnoticed. You will now be able to take the lead role inside of play likes Frozen, Aladdin, and even Lion King. The way this is possible is the 360° camera they used to records and then put it inside of virtual reality headsets. 

It will feel like you truly are the lead in the numerous musicals you have the option to be in. This theater performance you are going to be a part of will be one of your most immersive virtual reality experiences in recent memory. 

Disney isn’t stopping here for their VR shows though, as they are anticipated to be at the 2019 SIGGRAPH conference later this month. We are expecting to see their latest animation that was made for VR, A Kite’s Tale. This was made the same way that their latest VR experience was made. It is called Cycles and you can check out how it was made below. 

If you are in attendance to the expo this year make sure to check out this new and immersive VR experience that Disney is putting on. We can expect them to continue putting VR content out there, including games with the likes of Vader Immortal. 


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