If you are a die hard Star Wars junkie, or simply loved the first installment of Vader Immortal, chances are you are pretty stoked for the second installment of Vader Immortal. In this new game we are expecting the ability to use the force along with our handy and trusty lightsabers that we learned to use the in the first game. This is second game of three that we are expecting from the Vader Immortal Series. 

At the expo later this month we are going to see Ben Snow, the director of this game, to be on stage to talk about what we can expect. We will also be hearing from other higher-ups and their thoughts and sharing some insight on the game. During these presentations we are likely to learn of the release date that has been long eluding us. We would not be surprised to see the turnaround from the announcement and release to be relatively short. We know that they are trying to fit all three episodes into the 2019 calendar, and they are already cutting it close with the second episode. 

Ben Snow offered some direction on what the picture above means by saying that “You will get to use the Force in Episode II. The first image is really part of the training. The way we thought about this was, we wanted to give you the Vader equivalent of Yoda teaching Luke about the Force in Empire Strikes Back. So we wanted it to be slightly darker and more twisted. He talks about the power of the dark side as well as the things you can do with the Force. So in this moment that the concept art reveals, you see him starting to manipulate objects and he’s starting to show you how you can use the Force to create something. But then, of course, Vader takes it in his own direction.”

He goes on to say that “Our goal is to make the Force in Episode II as satisfying as the lightsaber felt in Episode I.” If Snow and the entire crew are able to follow through on this, the game is going to be the best yet on the Quest. The sabers were incredible fun to play with in episode 1 and the force is something we are excited to get out of hands in this upcoming episode. 

In more concept art, we saw the Black Bishop standing next to a tomb-looking monument. Snow had these comments in regards to this picture. “He becomes quite important in Episode II, and we learn about his background. We’re trying to make it feel very atmospheric. This is a hidden area of the fortress that hasn’t really been explored. The Mustafarians know of it through legend. It’s a good chance to poke around in an unexplored part of Star Wars.”

The first episode we saw a lot of gameplay, but the second episode is starting to look more and more like an interactive movie than anything else. As for training with the force in episode 2 of this series we can expect a dojo scene like we did in the last one. We are unsure if we are going to have access to the lightsaber during the courses, but it is unlikely. We are going to most likely see a room that is perfect for showcasing your ability to use the force and powers that come with it. Although this game is exclusive for the Oculus headsets, if you have a way to use your knuckle controllers with your Rift, now is the time to get them out. Using the force with Valve’s new controllers would be a dream come true for most Star Wars fans. 


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