At the end of September we are expected to have an opportunity to see the game Respawn has been working on for the past year, along with an oppmritnuty to play this new game. This shooter game is going to be an Oculus exclusive that has been in the works for what feels like years now. 

Although Valve has also partnered with Respawn for an exclusive 2019 VR game, this news is overweening the possibility of the Valve game. If this were any other gaming studio saying that they had a game trailer ready for two months away from now, everyone would give a nod a go about their business. But because of Respawn’s championship pedigree, the fact they have a game ready for us to watch and play is exciting news in itself. Respawn was the studio behind hit games like Titanfall 1 & 2, Apex Legends, and the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This short list is enough to keep gamers entertained for months on end. 

For a short recap on the evolution of this news, here it is. This unnamed game was first promised back in 2017 as Respawn struck a deal with Oculus to make an exclusive shooter game. The game was already promised on the Rift before the game was scheduled to come out, but now that the Rift S is out and about we are unsure if this changes the plans of Respawn and the launch of the game. We are certain that the game will be on the Rift and Rift S, but there has been no word on whether this game will be available on the Oculus Quest or not. Our guess is that it won’t be at first, but when it is available on the Quest it will feel like a new launch of the game. It will bring new customers and old back to the game for a second round. 

Other than all of that, there is almost nothing known about this game. We know that this is a shooter game inside of virtual reality, but that’s really it. We are certain that the game will be revealed at the Oculus Connect 6 at the end of September, two years after the announcement of the game. 

This makes a lot of sense for other news as well. Oculus recently released updates for the Rift S and Quest that made it easier for the controllers to be tracked when they are closer to the headset. We pointed out in the article that this would certainly help with first person shooter games when you are looking down the scope. Not once did we think that this was in preparation for the Respawn game, and maybe it’s not, but all signs are starting to point to it. 

If the game is going to be in beta on some exclusive headsets by the end of September, it would make all of the sense in the world to make all headsets ready for the grueling gameplay of this game. The Rift has external sensors that don’t have a problem tracking a controller that is close to the headset, but the Rift S and Quest did, and those are the headsets that were beefed up in recent updates. 

Regardless of what happens with this game down the road, we are excited to see the game trailer in September as well a chance to play the game. The Oculus Connect 6 event will be one for the ages, as it will premier the new Respawn game as well as “the future of AR and VR” for Oculus and all of their competitors. 


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