Beat Saber is doing all it can to keep their music library fresh and new. But still, players can often hit a lull when playing this game. The Imagine Dragons pack only take a couple days to completely master. The new songs from Camellia are short but fun. Green Day made a fun appearance, but it still isn’t enough for VR fanatics! Getting new music on this game is a must, and we are going to teach yow how to do it the right way. 

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to get new songs onto your Beat Saber game for any PC headset. But these instructions are not going to be compatible with the Oculus Quest, the standalone virtual reality headset from Oculus. The Oculus Quest has its own steps for modded songs, and you won’t find it in this tutorial. If you are not comfortable downloading mods to your own PC, we do not recommend doing this. You will be forced to download Beat Saber’s Mod Manager to have access to all of these new songs.

Beat Saber Custom Songs

First you will need to visit this website to download this mod. Once you get on this page, it is going to be the same as downloading any other mod if have done it before. If not, it may be a little tricky getting going on this page. You will need to be signed up or logged in with GitHub to be able to download this. After that, you are going to be prompted to download two new mods for your mod. 

These two options are not crucial, but they can be good for more music. This is where you can find more music, but the official modded library should be good enough. If you do go this route, make sure that you allow the software to make changes. This will allow your software to updated at any time regardless of if you allow it to be or not. 

Once you are inside of the app and downloading songs, it is going to ask you if you need to download this to the Steam version of this app on your PC or if you need to download it to the Oculus version. Just remember which version you use more and download your modded songs there. This is a fun way to get new songs on your Beat Saber game for your VR headset. 


Yes this is a fun way to play songs, the quality of the songs will never be perfect. The levels themselves feel completely different than the regular levels on Beat Saber. When playing the songs that you downloaded you are going to have a completely different experience than when you play the songs that the game gives you or you buy from them. We actually tested this theory too. We downloaded Radioactive from Imagine Dragons and played it, and then we went back to the version we bought from Beat Saber. It wasn’t nearly the same. You can find the results on our Youtube Page

In the regular version you have all levels of difficulty to choose from. Each of these present you with new challenges and they progressively get more challenging. The downloadable version is not like that. This song only comes in with one difficulty, and that is expert. When comparing the two expert songs, there is a real difference. The real version is much more challenging, yet much more rewarding. There is a real drop-off from real songs on Beat Saber songs and modded songs. Modded songs are a fun way to escape your everyday music lull, but don’t expect yourself to get lost in the library of slightly below quality material. 

Other Methods

If you are looking for more music for this rhythm game without paying for a music pack or modding your PC software, there aren’t many other ways. Free beats are hard to come by in this world. Beat Games and Facebook allow the original game soundtrack to be free, and they are constantly trying to find ways to make the game get some free music from some of the favorite songs and artists all around the world. Beat Saber is the worlds best VR experience and the devs know that.

Unless you are willing got make your own custom maps, the VR industry is going to nearly force you to either mod or buy DLC for more rhythm. Other games haven’t been in this position before though, as VR is new and still finding players all across the globe. Guitar Hero saw some of the same success, but the platforms it was featured on were slowly outdated. Light sabers in your hands with a VR headset is still something that is being learned about across the globe, so expect more solutions to be coming out of the woodworks in the near future.


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