If you own an Oculus Rift S or the Oculus Quest, you have probably noticed the tracking on the headsets not being perfect. Often times when using both controllers side by side or bringing it in front of your head, the controllers would get stuck in a certain virtual space. This will no linger be a problem as Oculus has eradicated it with their new update. 

The Rift S update is called Public Test Channel version 1.39, and it can be uploaded to your PC today. Along with other minor bug fixes, the update will mostly focus on the tracking of the controllers. Many have experienced this problem, and its great to see Oculus taking action very quickly. 

One more big feature this update has is the ability to do is floor detection. When setting up the guardian with the Oculus Rift S you would have to touch the floor to have the headset know where it was. The Quest has the ability to detect the floor on its own, and now the Oculus Rift S does too. This PC VR headset already has one of the fastest setups, and now it has become even more fast and even more convenient. 

The Oculus Quest has been updated today for Oculus users, and the controller sticking seems to be less of an issue. We are not sure if this is the release that everyone has been waiting on, or something that is a predecessor to the big update that is expected. The updates on the Quest don’t have a name, so this is as much as we know right now. 

The sticking of the controllers was a big problem in a lot of games, and most noticeably in games that would require a controller close to your face. In Creed, you would have to take defense by putting in your hands close to your face, and then punch. Often times it would not track the punch because the gloves were still glued to your face. It was a problem. In first person shooters that require you to have a hand by your head for looking down the scope, that hand would be stick there for seconds. 

Included with this problem was tracking when the controllers were too close by each other or in front of each other. This is was a problem in a few games. For example, if you are playing Swords of Gargantua and you are holding your shield in front of you while trying to swing your sword, you are going to face a serious problem. When this happened to me while I was playing this game, many times I had to reset the view and the controllers before I was able to continue fighting the knights. 

If you have been playing Beat Saber a good amount on the Quest (just like everybody has), then you have probably noticed the delay of tracking when you get to levels Expert and Expert+. It is still unclear if the problem is on the Beat Saber side or on the Oculus side, but with many people experiencing this we are sure to get a patch in the near future. 

We know Oculus will continue to make their headsets as user friendly as possible, and this is completely a step in the right direction. We can expect this to be a one update out of many as this company keeps rolling them out. We hope Beat Saber gets fixed in the near future, but until then this update can keep consumers happy. 


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