Interested in high-end VR games with a low cost, giving to charity, and having fun? Oh do we have some news for you! Now, and for the next 13 days, you can get the deal of a lifetime at Humble Bundle. For anything upward of $1, you can receive some of the best virtual reality games to ever hit the virtual market. 

If you aren’t aware of Humble Bundle, we would love to tell you about their fantastic company and their mission to do good. They have been around for a while. They were founded back in 2010 by Jeff Rosen and John Graham. Their mission is to bring games to gamers with affordable prices while serving charities all throughout the world. Each month, the charity changes. You pay what you want for the bundle of games, and you also choose where the money goes. It can go to the publisher of the game, the charity, or the Humble Bundle team. Some money needs to go to each organization to complete the deal though. 

Depending on what you pay, you’ll receive certain games. In this case, anything more than $1 and less than $14, you’ll receive a Steam Game Key for Cosmic Trip and Smashbox Arena (highly underrated games). If you are willing to pay $14.05 or more, you’ll receive the two aforementioned games as well as Budget Cuts, Gorn, and Space Pirate Trainer. But wait, there’s more! 

If you are willing to drop a whole extra 95 cents, making your total at least $15, you’ll get Cosmic Trip, Smashbox Arena, Space Pirate Trainer, Budget Cuts, Gorn, Moss, and SUPERHOT VR. All for a price of $15. Yes. You read that right. 

Not only will you be getting the deal of a lifetime, but you’ll be donating to WIRES, a charity intent on rehabbing the wildlife situation in Australia. The wildfires did a number on the land, and they are working to fix some damage. 

So for a grand total of at least $15, you can get some of the best titles inside of virtual reality. All of these titles would near $160 if you were to purchase at full price. This is a discounted package that you won’t be finding anywhere else. If you already have one or two of the games, you can sell the Steam game key or give it as a gift! Its a win win win situation for all. 

When you are checking out of the Humble store, you’ll be choosing where your money goes. It will be split between Humble, the publishers of the games, and the charity. It is up to you how you split it. A pretty fun way to donate your money and get great games and deals. 

Humble is doing good and it deserves to be recognized. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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