Gorn, the hit game from the same developers that created Genital Jousting, is only a few weeks away from completion for the PlayStation virtual reality headsets. With that being said, there is no set release date from the developers just yet. The game is “a couple of weeks away” from being completed for the PSVR headsets, but the game has yet to be approved by Sony for an official title on their system. 

The game, once finished, will be submitted to Sony for their certification process. This regularly comes with its own bumps and problems. Most developers have to refine their game in some way before it can be released. This isn’t Free Lives first PS4 release though, so knowing what Sony wants is something that they have already had to overcome when submitting a title to their rigid requirements. 

Once the game is completed and submitted to Sony, the ball is completely out of the developers hands. It could be approved in hours, or in months. Because the process is different for each and every game, they aren’t announcing a release date just yet. 

“We know that you guys are super excited to play the game, we’re excited for you to play the game, but we just need a little bit more patience, if that’s okay,” Community Manager of Free Lives said. 

Gorn was in Early Access development for years on PC VR headsets, and finally got its full release last year. It was a community favorite for the entire year for many reasons. It was a simple game to play with VR combat that wasn’t seen anywhere else inside of headsets. The real physics with the incredibly gory graphics made this a game that kept your attention much longer than you’d usually expect. 

It is much more gory than the typical VR game, but the silly comics and the easy-to-love characters didn’t let the gore get to people. It caused no concern for moral questions during the game. The only question that would regularly form is the question of what was going through the devs minds when they thought of this hilariously amazing idea for a game. 

Gorn for the PlayStation will not be playable on the flat screen or with the Dual Shock controllers. This game is going to be played with the headset and motion controllers, and only that. The cost of Gorn on the PS4 is anticipated to be the same price as the PC VR version, which comes in at $19.99. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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