While Beat Saber is already dominating in the VR world, there is a few more PSVR games set to release this year to keep your eyes on. One is Borderlands 2 VR, and the other goes of the rails just a little bit.

This classic shooter game made by Iggymob is set to hit platform December 11th, 2018. Gungrave VR will release just shortly ahead of Borderlands 2 VR, but both have a large audience waiting for them. The game will release on the 11th with two different versions. The first being the standard version coming in at $29.99, and then there is the ‘Loaded Coffin’ edition. This is really just another game included for only $10 more. It includes a whole tag-along story, and three new levels as well.

In the standard editioin, you control The Grabe who will just simply blast his way through levels. This game is a mix between free-moving gameplay, or first-person scenarios where you will be standing of waves of enemies and moving on the rails. In the deluxe edition, you can have side to side encounters on the more storied parts of the story, and you can pick up that for $14.99 separately if you’re not wanting to buy it all at the same time. 

Gungrave VR already came out in Japan earlier this year, but were still not sure how this game is going to pan out. With not too much on PSVR’s slate for this year, this is a game you’ll need to keep and eye on. 


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