If you’re making a VR film right now, you couldn’t get much more power in your cast than this one. With The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and Widow’s Michelle Rodriguez on the camera side, and Robert Rodriguez behind the camera directing, you cant complain. This 20 minute short film just goes to show that a good couple leads aren’t all you need in a VR film.

While the director seems to be graduating to a higher level of film next year, this movie was not his best work. Below you can view the trailer and get an idea for what this short is all about.

To some, there was some real excitement here. Having the star of many Fast and Furious movies look you in the eyes has some spark, but the dialogue already has you smirking with the cheesiness of it all. Although there are some cool scenes that make you feel in the action, it is more of a tag along experience where you just have a close image. 

Yes this short film was fun, there are many flawed parts when it comes to story telling. Most of it is told from a first person perspective, but the camera does the awful thing of turning your head multiple times within the 20 minutes. Of course the camera needs you to see the vital parts of the plot, but there needs to be a fined tuned way to guide us to the parts that need to be seen. 

This film didn’t seem as much as a VR experience than just watching a movie really, really close to your face. It is important to have great continuity, and this movie lacked that especially during the action scenes. Many times throughout the scenes with many cuts, you had to wonder why it was shot in VR at all. 

Overall, this movie didn’t get the job done. For a price point of $9.99 (currently $4.99 on discount for a limited time) it simply is not worth it. You could watch it on YouTube and almost get the same type of feeling from it. Would not recommend The Limit.


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