The Oculus Quest is the best standalone headset in the world right now, and one of the better headsets the world has seen. Even though that part is true, we have had no problem noting that the Oculus Quest is using a mobile chip as powerful as the iPhone 6s. There is room for improvement. We know it, the consumers know it, and most importantly, Oculus knows it. Their codename for the possible Quest successor just dropped, and it is going by ‘Del Mar’.

The Names

Oculus and Facebook are notorious for creating a codename that both they and the public can refer to their project by. Ever since 2014 and the first Rift was in production, the public was introduced to the ‘Crystal Cove’ which eventually turned into the second developer kit. 

The documents that were provided inside of the developer API shows that it is going to be a mobile headset, but it isn’t certain if it is a standalone headset. We would assume it is, so we will roll with the idea that Oculus is continuing their progress forward. 

There is a new codename for some controllers too, which will go by ‘Jedi’, giving us a fun idea of what they could be. We have said on our podcast a few times that the best controllers will be ones that are like holding a lightsaber. Oculus is likely on the same wavelength. We sure hope these new controllers are like holding a lightsaber, rather than holding a Touch Controller,  something that seems too clunky for comfort. 

We are also certain this won’t be an Oculus Go successor. It has been known for half of a year now that the headset the succeeds the Oculus Go will be fully decked out with hand tracking. It would make sense, as the Go successor likely won’t be released for another year. The hand tracking is already in beta and going well. The media-focused headset doesn’t need a controller. This isn’t what the Jedi controllers are for. 

The Del Mar and Jedi Controllers are going to be the Oculus Quest successors. If they are aren’t, their next project that takes these over will be. 

If you are interested in the history of the codenames over at Oculus and Facebook, we will be listing it below. Uplodvr reached out to Oculus to confirm these rumors. They responded in a great way, saying that Del Mar is actually a beach in California, just like all of the other codenames. Check that list out below. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at

  • Crystal Cove became the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
  • Crescent Bay became the Oculus Rift
  • Half-Moon became the Oculus Touch controllers
  • Project Pacific became Oculus Go
  • Project Santa Cruz was the project to bring a Rift-like experience to standalone
  • Monarch was the name for early Santa Cruz prototypes (before even OC3)
  • Monterey was the codename for the Oculus Quest


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