Half-Life: Alyx is the most anticipated virtual reality game release in the short history of VR. The game doesn’t release until the 23rd of March, and the quarantined world is more than ready to play the game. If you simply cannot wait, and you are ready to get this game in your library, check this fun fact out – you can download the game today! 

You won’t be able to play it until Monday, but at least you can have the game in your library until Monday when it is finally ready to be played. 

The game is released in less than 72 hours, something that everyone has known is coming for a while. This has been a long wait for avid VR fans, but it has been an even longer wait for Half-Life fans. This Alyx game will be a prequel to Half-Life: 2, a game that was released over 16 (!) years ago. You will see yourself playing as Alyx Vance inside of City 17, a city where the Combine has taken over. 

The game is a VR exclusive, and not a Valve Index exclusive like many have thought. It will be playable on all SteamVR headsets, which is an ever-growing library. We won’t be listing that out. There are enough headsets that are now working with Steam that you can nearly assume that your very own headset is going to work with the game. 

There will be some interactions inside of the game that are exclusive to the Valve Controllers, but outside of that, you won’t be hindered in the game if you aren’t rocking with the Valve headset and exclusive controllers. 

Free Game?

Not everyone will have to pay for this game. If you own a Valve Index, this game is going to end up in your game library for free. If you buy a Vive Cosmos in the coming days or weeks, you’ll be getting a code in the mail that will give you HLA for free as well. These specific users will still need to download the files themselves, but the pay wall won’t be blocking them. 

If you own any other headset, you’ll need to get your credit cards ready. It is important to buy the game and download it today though. The file size is nothing short of massive and will take some time to get ready on your PC. 

Once Monday roles around, you’ll be able to see the game ready to play at 10 AM Pacific time. That isn’t easy to convert all around the world, so click the link and it’ll tell you what time that means for where you are. 

This is an exciting time for VR users and Half-Life lovers. This is widely anticipated as the VR game of the year already, even though many people haven’t had a chance to get their hands on the game itself. We sure are excited to release our review for the game. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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