As we reported today, many companies are looking to bring their planned GDC (Game Developer Conference) announcements to their fans through digital announcements. This may now change, as there is a new plan for the GDC for 2020. 

Coming to fans in the first week of August, GDC Summer is coming to developers in San Fransisco. Taking place in the Moscone Center as planned for this week, the Summer even will be more “unique” than usual, and will focus and feature “high-quality technical content.” This is something that they don’t plan to do digitally, even though health experts are still undecided on what the United States will look like during the summer. 

In addition to the top level content at the conference, GDC Summer will be providing comprehensive developer sessions and panels to help up and coming devs pitch heir game to content curators. It seems like this conference will be for the unestablished. The well-known developers already have had a lot of screen time this spring. 

Adding to the versatility of GDC Summer, they will be allowing on-site space to be rented out during the conference. They say this will include, and not be limited to, “SIG meetings, non-profit board meetings, local meet-ups, hosted “office hours” by community professionals, portfolio review rooms, podcast recording and more. This program enables GDC as an organization to reach areas of the industry previously untapped due to space restrictions. Meanwhile, sponsorship packages are designed to be easy to execute, with a shorter-than-average runway compared to other industry events.”

According to the release that we saw today, the company behind the GDC is planning on bringing people together “in a way that hasn’t currently been possible due to COVID-19.” Although that sounds more than great right now, it seems risky knowing the situation could be worse than it already is by August. They say they will monitor the situation, also meaning that they could again postpone, or simply cancel and hope for March of 2020. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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