Beat Saber continues to be the hottest game in VR world. Beat Games has been on a roll for what seems like a decade now, bringing new music and DLC to their players consistently, more consistent than any other competing game studio. Their latest pack? The Timbaland Music Pack. 

Not to be confused with the Timberland shoe company, Timbaland is responsible for some of the better music many have heard. The artist made five (!) new tracks, all exclusive for Beat Saber. You can buy the new music for all platforms. This is available for the Quest, Rift Platforms, PSVR, and the SteamVR users. 

This new pack includes features from hit artists Bruno Martini, Kaydence, Nash Overstreet, Karra & Common Strangers, Sid Tipton, and Timbaland himself. You can buy it soon for $7.99. you can buy the songs, just to listen to individually, for $1.99 from Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes. The entire pack and individual songs will all be available on the 26th of March, in just over a week. 

Here’s a look at the full tracklist:

  • Sid Tipton, Timbaland – Has A Meaning
  • Kaydence, Timbaland – Dumb Thingz
  • Wavezswavesz – While We’re Young
  • Nash Overstreet, Karra & Common Strangers – What I Like
  • Bruno Martini, Timbaland – Famous ft. Jake Davis

Beat Saber is continuing to dominate. They have recently gone double-platinum, selling over 2 million copies across all VR platforms. Not only is Beat Games selling their own product, but they are a vehicle for up and coming artists too. They have sold over 10 million copies of songs through the DLC they are consistently offering. 

This is only adding to the amazing Beat Saber playlist of music. They have music from Imagine Dragons, Green Day, and many more artists who are making inroads on the VR community. 

This announcement came on day 2 of the Oculus Developer Showcase. In the coming days we can expect more updates from some of the better games in the VR world. For more updates on this showcase and in the VR realm of news, make sure to check back at


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