Valentines Day is a national holiday here in the United States, but it doesn’t mean everyone enjoys it. In fact, some people think its the worst thing to ever happen. Others might not have the same opinion, but most will never express such a controversial opinion on what could be the most lonely day for some. 

Virtual reality is exactly some people need to get over the fact they don’t have a super-model girlfriend or boyfriend just yet. In this article, we are going to list our 3 favorite games for passing time and getting over the pain of love, or the lack of it. 

Beat Saber

Did you really think we wouldn’t toss this game in at the top of the list? Beat Saber is deserving of this top spot for so many different reasons. It passes time unlike any other VR game, its fun and engaging, the length of the songs keep you in the game, and the swinging of the arms can take out all of your aggression of being in for a Friday night. 

The best way to play on the 14th though? Go to the settings and change up the colors of your sabers and blocks. Our suggestion is to change the blocks to red and pink and simply slice those cubes until they die off. This is a fun way to get into the holiday mood while still playing the game that you love so much. Green Day is also a great band for the occasion. Turn the volume up and enjoy their somewhat depressing lyrics!

Dance Central 

I know what you’re thinking here. Another dancing game on V Day? Well, yes, but for different reasons for Beat Saber. Hear us out. If you are wanting to go to the club and dance without having to leave your house, this is the next best option. The multiplayer scene is this game is booming more than ever and you are bound to have some fun with some new fun strangers. 

The music in this game is full of pop and hip-hop hits that you’ll find all across the continent. If you are craving the feeling you get while moving your body while still interacting with some new people, test out the multiplayer mode and tell us what you think! We are certain you wont be disappointed in your choices for your Valentines day in VR!

Arizona Sunshine 

What’s a better way to express your love for the undead than killing them in the heat of Arizona? Jump into this game and get your love out in the form of bullets going into some of the most annoying zombies in the world. If you think your significant other is a pain, just imagine how much worse it would be if they were a zombie! Perfect timing to play this game. 

It also helps that the multiplayer mode in this game will be booming as always. Explore the undead valleys with the most random yet enjoyable people you have ever met. Valentines Day is the best day to meet new people, and Arizona Sunshine will be facilitating that in every way it can. The new DLC will keep you entertained all night and the ability to face the challenges with a friend is even more enticing. 

We hope you have a safe and fun holiday! And most importantly, do it in VR! For more VR news and gaming community updates and commentary, make sure to check back at!


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