Beat Saber and Beat Studios recently took to twitter to announce something they have been working on for some time now. The next update to Beat Saber is going to include ability to pick the colors of the sabers, blocks, and even the environment around you. The Beat Saber community has been wanting this feature since the game was released back in 2016.

Beat Saber’s announcement came this morning. If you dissect the photo in the tweet, you can to see how customizable this new feature will be. You’ll be able to change each block, each saber, and even the walls that are flying at you in higher difficulty levels. This update should be exciting for experts and beginners alike. It will give the game a new dimension beyond news songs and difficulty levels. Players will to have the entire color wheel to pick the color of each object.


In the mentions below, Beat Saber rescinded to a fan if this feature will also be available on the PSVR system, and they confirmed. This leads us to believe that the new update will be available on all VR headsets, including the standalone Oculus Quest and the newest Valve headset. Although this is expected, an update to be available to everyone with a popular game, we are expecting an update for the Quest that is exclusive. Beat Saber has hinted at 360° levels in the past and we are expecting an update like that in the near future. 

Another mention that Beat Saber’s official account responded to was a fan saying that you could simply change the sabers to be the same color and have the difficulty of trying to guess which block to hit. Here is the exchange below. 

Yes, they simply responded with “haha”, but we are going to read into this. Beat Saber doesn’t hold back when hinting at future levels, but is this a stretch to read into? Probably, but here is what we got from it anyway. There are hundreds of questions and comments in the mentions below the tweet, so why respond to this one? It is easy to find a more creative comment or question, but this comment clearly stuck out to the studio. 

What Is The Big Secret?

Beat Saber didn’t provide any additional details in regards of when the update will drop or if this will be the only feature, but they made sure to respond to the harder difficulty questions. Does this mean there is going to be level with all the same colored blocks? Probably not, but we might see a harder way to play the game. A new modification, block shape, angle of blocks to hit, and even which way the blocks come are all possibilities. We aren’t going to break down what each would mean for the game right now – we’ll save that for when we get the new features. It’s safe to assume that this has the potential to be a pretty significant change in how the game is played.

With the custom color piker being available very soon, we are excited to see what landscapes people create inside of their virtual worlds and inside of Beat Saber. Beat Saber is by far the best selling VR game, the most popular, and it is always getting new DLC. Beat Games has struck gold in the virtual industry by keeping this game relevant. If new DLC and exciting play modes continue to to be released you can expect Beat Saber to remain at the rankings for the forceable future.


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