VRGineers were at CES this year showing off their latest headsets, and they made some splashes. When asked about the target audience of the headset, they’ll respond saying that it is a professional VR headset. It isn’t for Beat Saber or Pistol Whip (even though it would be great at that), but it is rather for real work. Add one more use of the headset to the list, and that is helping the US military protect the people of the United States. 

The headset is designed for professionals in plenty of different fields. The latest advancement is an 8K display (4K per eye) from two LCD displays. The headset also has a 180° field of view, something that thousands of professionals have been asking for. An AR add-on is also available, but it does come with the VR headset itself. 

This headset is a powerful one, so making sure the buying companies have the right hardware is key. They suggest that your power source has the most powerful CPU’s on the market. This could be something along the lines of NVIDIA’s Quadra RTX 8000.

XTAL didn’t just stop with a perfect display and a nice field of view. The company worked hard on their AR add on, and have turned it into something many will use for mixed reality experiences. The eye tracking inside of this new headset can work at 210 frames per second. XTAL put in Leap Motion hand tracking, a built-in VirtualLink cable system, and even a helmet-compatible mount. This headset has all of the bells and whistles for anything that you are looking to do with it. 

“Our customers are using the latest cutting edge technologies, so they expect the best from their VR solutions,” said Marek Polčák, VRgineers CEO & co-founder. “That means solutions optimized for the latest NVIDIA RTX cards with VirtualLink embedded. The latest generation of XTAL VR headset is the only solution today that meets these needs with 8K resolution.”

When it comes to the US Air Force, the company says that their headset plays a huge part in pilot training. There are thousands of them throughout the bases in the United States. The XTAL dev team said that they also have joined forces with US NAVY and US NAVAIR R&D initiatives to help make and create the next models and versions of pilot training for the US. 

“The feeling that I got while flying the F18A in full VR mode in XTAL is really astonishing. It was so close to reality that I felt I was inside the F18A. As a pilot, that is exactly what I need to feel for training purposes,” said Capt. Taimeir, CEO of Mirage Technologies and a former F18 pilot from the Swiss Airforce.

The Air Force will continue to use this headset. Most professional companies should continue to get their hands on this headset. There isn’t a lot it can’t do, and this headset is becoming more and more impressive each day. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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