The Valve Index went on sale today for the first time in months, but it isn’t a typical release. As of right now, there are still units available. They were scheduled to go on sale at Noon EST, but came about 90 minutes after. 

Once the units went on sale, they said they were able ship in 6-8 weeks. After about 30 minutes after the initial release of that, it now says that the Full Kit will be taking over 8 weeks to ship out. This isn’t the best news ever, and in fact, it is frustrating many. If you were hoping to buy the headset and get it before the Half-Life: Alyx release, you are going to be disappointed. 

The Valve Index initially lost its stock when the holiday season was in full effect. Since then, Valve has been unable to get the headset back in stock. Today was a big day for all potential buyers. 

The Full Kit of the headset will ship in over 8 weeks and in includes the Index headset, the Valve controllers, and the two 2.0 base stations all fo $1,000. You can get the headset and controllers alone for $750 and will ship in over 2 months. To buy the headset alone, you can do that for $500 and will still take well over 2 months to get to you. 

The Valve Index controllers will ship in less than a month, but will be costing you $280 for both of them. As for the 2.0 base stations, you cannot buy those alone right now. We aren’t sure if they sold out really fast, or they simply didn’t restock them. Either way, you would’ve been spending $150 for the newest tracking from Steam and Valve. 

Half-Life is still going to get a handful of opening day sales, but none of them are coming from Index owners. As long as you have a Valve Index, or you have ordered one, the game will be present in your SteamVR library. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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